Utilizing this platform as a musician? (3)
Marketplace like ebay (3)
Waves Keeper Feature Requests (6)
Waves Explorer Feature Requests (7)
List of all assets and advanced search tool (10)
Синхронизация клиентов (3)
Create token rating/ создать рейтинг токенов (1)
Сборный кошелёк (Customizable wallet) (5)
Buy Waves for USD (VISA/MC) (6)
DEX must to implement stop loss option. (4)
Airdroop Golden Cloud Token [GCT2] (1)
Создать конструктор ботов (1)
Waves Mobile Application must have an Warning feature before getting Exit (1)
Info to be added to the DEX and available via API (1)
The value of the volume in USD (1)
Low visibility of the arrow near ETH (1)
Including Bancor protocol into Waves (2)
Cleverbounty program (1)
Ripple request to be added to Waves and XRP Tipbot (1)
To provide a Chat feature in DEX (Public and Private) with Checkbox feature to watch complete market in single view either its verified or not verified (4)
Marketing idea: make an Waves invoice lottery (8)
DEX liquidity aggregation (2)
Paper wallet (1)
Gift certificate (1)
Gateway Coinomat log and external blockchain fee purposal (1)
A programmatic way to query/generate Gateway/deposit addresses (1)
Waves Asset lists (3)
Sponsored tokens on waves wallet app (2)
Ticker and Logo (3)
DEX without signing in (9)