1.000.000 AFRITOK for airdrop


1.000.000 AFRITOK token for airdrop
About AFRITOK projenct :

Token name : AFRICAN TOKEN
Ticker : AFRITOK
Decimals : 8
Algorithm : Waves
Total Token supply : 100.000.000 AFRITOK
Re-Issuable Token : NO
Burn : possible

Links :
Bitcointalk : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5028275.0

telegram : https://t.me/joinchat/II23VkWIbb_MsFh1bxwQsw

twitter : https://twitter.com/AFRITOK

discourd : https://discord.gg/Bu7KFCf

-why should invest in AFRITOK token ?:

  • All remaining Tokens from exclusive sale Will be burned , Also the same percentage of airdrops, devs and future projects Tokens will be burned
  • investors will get free 20% of there AFRITOK balance .

Where can i buy AFRITOK ?:
Exclusive sale is open at wavesplatform
The price now is 0,00000030 BTC per 1AFRITOK and it will be higher after we burn remaining tokens from the sale
-also we contacted one exchange and they are agree to list AFRITOK after the tokens destribution.

How to participate on airdrop ? :
1- join our discord channel
2-join our Telegram group
3-follow us on twitter
4-pm your waves adress via Discord

Why should invest in AFRITOK token?



Thank you @Obiano212 you will recive your tokens soon


Good luck


I joined telegram- @aleksind. Good luck




Thank you @mpolat12 you will recive your tokens soon


Thank you @andreica you’ll recive your tokens soon


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I have joined the necessary channels. Here’s my wallet address. 3PK2SHTeKfuFiyT8wb6tQVb2nh7UkN1MyBF


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telegram address: @r_tuynak


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Good. Nice this project