2 big help questions

Is it possible to have my wave token used to pay commissions for sending my token?
How can I make this possible?

An example is AxAi token, you can pay the shipping commission with the token.

Another question is: How can I add a ticker to my token?

Yes it’s possible.
Go to the wallet => portfolio => select the three pins between the name of your token => enable sponsorship
For each transaction, 0.001 WAVES will be deducted from your balance and your token creditet to your account . The amount of your token to be charged to users for transactions is set by you when you enable Sponsorship.
For the second question, no you can’t add tickers.

Thank you very much brother
By tiket I mean to put the initials of my currency FDC. example the token Kolion is KLN.
Is it no longer possible to do this?