2000 eagle token for CRISTMAS 2019 Airdrop (closed)

Welcome mambers,
Our 2nd Airdrop is Live Now,
Total AIRDROP - 2000 eagle

The First 2000 members of the community receive FREE 1 eagle token.

Last date - 24 Dec 2019
Distribution date - 25 Dec 2019.

How to participate on AIRDROP?
join our Telegram channel :- https://t.me/eagletoken
join our Telegram Group :- link is available in our Telegram channel.

After Join post your Waves address at Telegram group.


telegrams @criptneim

Thanks for participating to all of my community member.
1-1 eagle has been distributed as per our Airdrop who has participated In.

Now, Airdrop program have been ended

Airdrop Transaction is : https://wavesexplorer.com/tx/Gg8MFCEq5sY982kaEmwcUUbj8BNAPxFZiLiLrDmQWrDX