About the Airdrop category(Read before post)

This thread is created to announce airdrops of projects. To post a promotional message regarding to your airdrop contest, you should fulfill the following requirements:

  1. You must provide complete information about your project, i.e. useful links, social media related to your project or groups dedicated to the exact event such as airdrop contest.
  2. It is forbidden to encourage people to post their wallet addresses directly in comments section of the forum. To collect wallet addresses, you must create a separate document, i.e. Google Docs where such a data should be provided. All users who post their wallet addresses in the comments will be silenced!
  3. You must describe in detail the rules and requirements regarding to the process of participation in your airdrop contest to be eligible to get a distribution of your asset.
  4. You should disclose all details concerning a period of an upcoming distribution, deadlines for applying user’s data to take part in the airdrop.
  5. Violation or failure to follow the rules mentioned in the pinned message will lead to a restriction from the Waves official server.
  6. In case of any situations requiring communication with authorised people, don’t hesitate to contact admins: Boxyan, Petr Korotin, Lars, Miroslav

okay thanks! did not know the information very useful nice one. also worked out for the best because i thought that was a bad idea. to do one in that fashion

There, I just made a mud! I had to answer some post before reading the pinned post! really excuse me for the mistake!