About the Developers category


We would be pleased to see all the developers and people with technical skills in this thread. Feel free to join conversations concerning development processes and milestones, documentation, APIs, Client libraries and so on.

Some minor rules:

  1. Do not break general terms and conditions of the Waves official forum: Forum rules
  2. Before asking for any type of assistance from local developers, check the following documentation which describes the main development directions within the Waves blockchain:
    Smart Assets
    Smart Accounts
    Waves Keeper Development
    The Waves DEX Development
  3. Do not create duplicates of already existing topics, if you see that someone has created a topic related to your questions or a problem, then just join conversations via this exact thread by commenting it.

• Don’t forget to visit the Core Development section which might be useful for you too
Core Development
• You can also use Waves TestNet for different tests and before deploying anything on the MainNet.
The simplest way to join a Waves testnet is by running the docker container image as explained here
You can receive free TestNet WAVES via this faucet