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  • Country [optional]
  • Feature voting policy: What development features do you usually support? How to decide, etc…
  • More details about your pool

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Hi Tatiana, could you help me find instructions to create a leasing pool for my token? Thanks in advance.

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You don’t have to create leasing pool for a token. Transactions for all tokens are confirmed by all the miners.


Thank you for your reply @alexkof

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Здравствуйте, подскажите сколько можно зарабатывать здав в лизинг монеты волн или подняв полную ноду? Меня интересуют цифры, проценты от количества монет. Спасибо.

Привет. Вот тут на официальной странице есть вся информация и калькулятор.

Hello, my node has not yet generated blocks but it has been running for more than 3 months, can I put it here in the topic?

Привет! Все подробности можете найти тут:

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How much generating balance do you have?

my node has 2,909.28137687 waves

It should generate some blocks for sure. You should check your configs and logs - whether it tries to forge.

Hi I have the same question.


leasing is safe? our i can lose my tokens?
many thanks

yes it’s safe :point_right: no, you can’t lose your tokens by leasing :+1:

so do you have any plan? where i can find where? and how much ill pay daily for 50 tokens?

many thanks

Where can I find more info on what it means to lease? I need a knowledge base to learn more?

Sorry just realized I didn’t see this…
Node is active. But we haven’t had payments yet…

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why do you keep deleting my post? how can we promote our node if you keep deleting posts? We setup and pay for our node from our own pocket to help support waves network, but you guys can’t even support us by letting us promote our node. You require at least 10 blocks mined before we can create a topic and promote our node? But how can we mine 10 blocks and start promoting our node if we can’t get lessors to help us mine those blocks?