About WFoxtoken


Fox Token (WFOX) is a new project of bocoin on boc academy yet to release this december.If bocoin has 1M total supply then fox token has only 10,000.Why only 10k?me and my co-founder agreed in this number to enabled sponsorship charge in transactsion fees on wavesdex which means that no waves fees will be charge on every trade make by fox token holders.How can we do that?okey let’s make it clear.For some who don’t know bocoin was a token for boc academy that sells ebooks,create websites portfolio,dropship and sells them to its members.In that way we make money to backup sponsorship for fox token (wfox).Fox token will be given to boc academy readers(rewards) this is to differences between bocoin who gave 40% sales share to its members referrals on making sales of eBook membership.
If you think this is a good project and want to participate then wait for post on www.wavescryptonews.cf who is also a partner of boc academy.


Hello, am I right, that you want to sponsor trades with your token on dex?


Yes boss, it was agreed by my co-partner.