[Airdrop] BLOODCOIN - 5,000 BLOOD

BLOODCOIN is developed in South Korea. This is Scrypt, NON-ICO, MainNet Coin(Not token).
This coin can only be mined with CPU. Anyone who has the computer or mobile phone can do it. You can buy or sell land using a coin in a virtual space called BLOODLAND and earn coins by displaying ads to people passing through the own land. In addition, various games will be added to this virtual world. also coins can be earned through this.

Listed on the Vietnam largest exchange and BitOnBay in March.

:gift:Get free 5,000 BLOOD

Join airdrop: http://bit.ly/2E1PZfE

guide: https://youtu.be/EQP0qT33YrQ


Mining tool new ver0.9.2.2 is released.

The following problems have been fixed.

  1. Added mining autorun feature at reboot.

  2. Improved mining stop issue when auto-update occurs.

  3. Improved auto-update feature.

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