Airdrop CarbonUnit

Friends are happy to announce!
For promotional purposes of informing about our project “CarbonFund”, 05/30/2019, we will distribute the asset “CarbonUnit” to all wallets with a balance of 20 waves.

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The CarbonFund project is a closed-cycle ecosystem, buying carbon units, planting trees, supporting environmental projects, transferring waves to the CarbonInvest node (leasing address 3P9wAt6r4cDEnLjqPqPh52koJ9LxnpDtz7T).

Assets “CarbonUnit” are provided with real carbon units calculated according to the strictest international methods / standards and confirmed by an independent international company KPMG.

Asset ID CarbonUnit: CJPhecvLihhDwsochyjYRbHfAxp3cAMDbGvKZey1vfVT.

Operations with “CarbonUnit” on the market are possible only if there are 10 assets in the account. All revenue from the CarbonInvest node will be sent to the market for the purchase and destruction of CarbonUnit.
Our deep conviction is that everyone should contribute to the redemption of their individual carbon footprint and acquire at least 1 tCO2 (10 CarbonUnit) by supporting the project and the development of a low carbon economy! The cost of “CarbonUnit” from “CarbonFund” will be fixed and equal to 1.5 dol-eq. for 1 “CarbonUnit”. The redemption of the CarbonInvest node (leasing address 3P9wAt6r4cDEnLjqPqPh52koJ9LxnpDtz7T) of the CarbonUnit assets will only occur from third-party holders at the market price. With us you can both earn and transfer Waves in leasing, as well as support socially significant projects!

You can calculate your personal carbon footprint on the official website of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change ( and reset / compensate for your individual carbon footprint for an hour, day, month, year, your morning cup of coffee, a trip by car or air flight. Make it very simple, you must purchase “CarbonUnit”.

Funds from the sale of CarbonUnit will be used to plant trees (10 CarbonUnitov = 1 tree), save forests in Altai (Russia), further support projects that generate reduced greenhouse gas emissions at Khimprom and SwissCrono and other environmental projects and initiatives.

The Waves community itself regulates the CarbonFund ecosystem, the more waves will be leased to EcoNoda “CarbonInvest” (all funds remain in the lysir accounts, you can cancel the lease at any time), the more CarbonUnit will be repurchased and destroyed (burned) in the market.

More information about the project on our website

Welcome, with care for future generations!

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3 days to Airdrop CarbonUnit!

Thank you for sharing. I love your project. look forward to soon have many such useful app at mobidescargar

2 days to Airdrop CarbonUnit!