Airdrop Round 1 - Bitcoin Wave Network 1000 Tokens


Airdrop Round 1 = Receive 1,000 Mykos Coin

Name : Mykos Coin
Total supply : 100,000,000
Type : Not reissuable
Starting price : 0.004 waves
Current price : 0.30 waves

High Volatility Low Volume. Bitcoin Holders starting to claim. Mykos Coin has a cross chain feature. Works on Steemit, Whaleshares and Bearshares as an upvote token. Creation of a version of an arbitrage market where value on social media sites may be higher than exchange value. Functioning as a bitcoin fork bitcoin holders not required to purchase any tokens to receive them. Unclaimed Mykos Coin from bitcoin holders get redistributed and airdropped back to the community every month. Bitcoin holders who claim late receive less and less tokens after January 1st. Gradual scale of 1% every month late and progressive rise.

Claim your 1000 airdrop tokens for waves account users. Requirements:

Waves Wallet Holder

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Your tokens will be sent!

Bitcoin MYK, formally known as Mykos Coin, has intiated a bitcoin fork splitting the tokens at a ratio of 4.7619047619 BtcMyk to 1 Btc. The token originally consisted of 100 million tokens divided by the 21 million btc tokens.

The 44 bitcoin forks haven’t worked out as efficient as many would like. The last fork consisting of BCHABC and BSV where utterly chaotic. Bitcoin MYK will fork the same, however it will be significantly different from what happens prior to the actual fork during the snapshot.

Bitcoin Wave Network

The Bitcoin Wave Network allows bitcoin to act as a store of value or “gold”. Bitcoin Myk acts as the representative money backed by the bitcoin in the owner’s wallet. The value and changes in the ledger as reflected by the bitcoin myk network uses a social media private key. This is a network that verifies unique holders of bitcoin to bitcoin myk tokens by use of social network profiles. Several profiles authenticate the owner of the wallets. So that the ledger to a unique wallet and holder are not able to double spend by moving funds from one wallet to another.

Bitcoin MYK, will continue to distribute tokens to every bitcoin owner who’s balance exceeds their last BTCMYK token claim. Bitcoin MYK will also function on the Waves blockchain. Waves blockchain moves super fast which will make Bitcoin Myk a viable option for a payment system.

It has become clear to the cryptocurrency space that Bitcoin works better as a store of value and not a money transfer system. The additional bitcoin forks such as Bitcoin Cash or (ABC), has worked as a payment system however due to the latest fork and bitcoin price has discouraged many from using the tokens. So alternative tokens that don’t reward in bitcoin or represent the philosophy of bitcoin have now become options for sending payments. Unfortunately this is still out of sync with the original vision of bitcoin.

Every bitcoin purchase that raises your bitcoin balance beyond your last btcmyk token claim. Will net you the additional tokens. Besides being a bitcoin fork that continues to give additional balanced btcmyk tokens to the users who buy bitcoin. The coin has in place several projects that will be discussed below supplied by the team to grow and improve the value and uses of cryptocurrency to a mass adopted option for money transfers and improvements to monetary policy and the system.


Bitcoin Myk is a cryptocurrency which will convert user activity into tokens. The (POP) Proof Of Participation model. This ” attention based” value will be verified through consensus throughout several blockchains of activity.Bitcoin Myk is different than most tokens in that activity in itself is the currency and value. User activity produces the token and places value in it. This process is verified against several blockchains assigning value of their tokens which are then held and converted into the Bitcoin Myk market which trades on the Waves Dex