Mining of Cambrian Blue Clay.

The 1000 first members of our community will receive 100 BlueClay_A& BTokens for FREE !!!

To conduct the Airdrop & Bounty of the company, the issue was 1 000 000 BlueClay_A& BTokens.
Airdrop & Bounty members of the company will be able to exchange their tokens for BlueClayCoins, after ICO on DEX, at the rate of 1/1.
Holders over 1000 BlueClay_A&BTokens will be able to exchange 20% of their tokens for BlueClayCoins at the ICO stage and will be able to sell the coins to the ICO.

To GET FREE Coins:

  • Subscribe to channel Telegram:
  • Have come in the message on @o_digorov address of the wallet Waves and their surname Name and you country.

After that, you will be assigned an ID and the coins are credited to your Waves wallet.


joined the airdrop
telegram username: ameer1975
waves addresss : 3PJuZP3ZJTEcDF5jrC5f5yiKcmByYwCFCeF




Thank you very much i received my tokens
100 BlueClayA&BToken


You are welcome !!!


Telegram : @tyrian_kelda


Hi! For airdrop: @Vesellesev


Telegram username: @wishxy
WAVES address: 3P7Wke5MAhUC5cda5ziejUMdf7NaquqAbEn




Telegram username: @IrinaAirdrop
Waves address: 3PGEPpzug4K6Par2dRB7UoFvqodCrhjapHr


Login TM: @Protoni0k
Addr Waves: 3P2RBxct2KoLqigJA5XiA7LUXcM3eLXoxDJ


joined the airdrop
telegram username: @aleksind
waves addresss 3PFPvXwVXLAjZKKoRjw6FdosHs97uaBbiBP


Join to Airdrop
Telegram Nickname: @Rio999999
Waves adress: 3PQbCV9UiXwWtjo8e7oUY76QP961tmNKonD


Joined for airdrop
Username @ullue
Wallet address 3PEfSozSCKkrjkzPoJjuBbrZBfNHCYNEgYH


Thanks 3PE6tk1stxQRhH71G6fSWSos5Q6jaK7WwnF


Airdrop token request
Telegram Username: @Crypton_2018 (Rick)
Waves wallet address: 3P82k8ZYPGdGBJa5hqwBRkRf35wG86ZTJ3q


Telegram username @jamiuuthman
Joined the channel: 3P45nboxTJmBV1HRcTxViMrgEqmhzki68BV


I have joined the telegram group
Username : Itoromary1
Waves wallet : 3PMfoFfkrvgrdZLp82yhi5aVyjqZbNrBHrM


I have joined the telegram group
Username : @mpolat12
Waves wallet : 3P6vVvzJo5oTVSKGHpsLyRPywWQ5XEgAyFp


wallet : 3PJgdTifyd75YxRVZfEn6JsYWNPaLsofAjV