Allow users to decide to accept or refuse any incoming tokens


Allow users to decide to accept or refuse any incoming tokens.

For example, someone sends you free tokens.

A pop-up should appear and ask you if you want to accept or refuse them.


what happens if you do not give an answer in let’s say 5 minutes?


This should be decided by the Waves community together with the developers.

Users may have to give an answer in order to continue using the Waves client, or could be allowed to postpone the decision in another moment, indefinitely or within a maximum time limit.

As far as I’m concerned, the filters work well, but there are also users who don’t want to receive any token without their permission.

This is my proposal for a possible solution, but absolutely any other proposal for alternative remedies is welcome.


And what will happen if the user rejects? The token will go back to the person who sent it? Who will pay for that transaction cost then?


Yes, it could go back to the sender or there could be a direct burn. The sender should pay the transaction in both cases imho. In this way senders will think twice before sending unwanted or spam tokens.


Burning a token costs money, and so does returning the token. You are saying the sender should pay the cost in both cases. Well, what if there is no fund left in the sender’s wallet? How will you charge him or her?


You’re right.

There would be other methods to get around this problem but at this point it is better to leave things as simple as they are.


I don’t think this is a good solution for free token given to random wallet or spam token, To avoid spam token, Creating coin must be regulated first, this doesn’t solve spam token creation, IMO


In this topic we are not trying to solve the spam problem. :smile:

About regulation… keep in mind that we are on a decentralized exchange. :wink:


this is the reason also why spam cannot be stop,

Allow users to decide to accept or refuse any incoming tokens

I never heard a wallet that refuses incoming transaction, I doubt it could be also!


You need to raise the price for creating a token to 100 Waves.


Do you have this feature in your bank account? Don’t be stupid, there will be houndreads of pop-up in your wallet. Would you like to see a spam attack due to pop-up while trading ?


As said before, filters work well for me.

A spam attack due to pop-up? It’s a bit exaggerated :rofl:
Luckily I rarely receive spam tokens.
By the way it could be preset to show pop-up only at the login.
No problem if you don’t like this proposal. I’m ok also with the actual situation. We are here just to find a better solution, but we can also let things as they are now.

Banks don’t send shit coins, only fiat. Why should I refuse? Srs :laughing:
Also you don’t receive shit coins on Centralized Exchanges because all coins have a real value, maybe low, but at least a minimum value.


You can have your own filter which can only show the tokens verified list. Also you can burn the rest of the tokens which is selected as unverified by your filter and burn all of it with a simple bot . This is the solution. :wink:


Yes, I know and I do it. It works very well for me.

But the problem is that some users have complained that they have received tokens that can not be hidden because they are verified tokens (i.e. BTC) neither is convenient to sell because the amount is very limited ( i.e. 0.00000001 BTC, ETH, BCH, XMR…)

I repeat. I have no problem about this, but it is a problem for someone and this thread was created to try to find a solution, if possible. If not, patience. :wink: :+1:


Agree by raising the token cost that will filter lots.


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