Angry Panda cryptocurrencies: ROAR, XPAND, UBEAR, EBEAR tokens

I have taken the time to read about your project. I could understand that your token will be used to make payments in Italy and at the same time a cryptocurrency that avoids the real volatile fluctuation of the market’s cryptocurrencies.

I have some questions:

  1. Have you had any investment prior to the project or during? This is if you have made strategic alliances or some viable minimum product (VPM) before the ICO.

  2. Is there a governmental or non-governmental government that sponsors your proposal?

  3. Do you have any hypothesis studied by any technical analysis that allows your project to be scalable?

  4. How many customers would you need to generate 10 MM USD?

  5. How much do you intend to climb the first year?

Hi, @Emerson. Thanks for your interest in this project.

We haven’t entered into strategic alliances before the ICO.
We started financing the project with our funds and we hoped to raise the capital we needed through the ICO.

We have some businesses really interested in our projects that already contacted us for the use of our tokens as payment method and to list some products on our shop.

It is scalable.

It depends on how big the customers are.

We need to raise enough to be listed in few more exchanges and to raise some funds to better promote the Angry Panda project.

  1. We already contacted many exchanges and we need approximately 1.5 BTC - 5 BTC to be listed in each small/medium exchange. We could be listed in 12 good exchanges at 40 BTC, but we would be satisfied to be listed in just a couple of good exchanges at the beginning - so let’s say we need 5-7 BTC.

  2. We also need a few tens of thousands of dollars to better promote our project and cover some costs. This is an indicative list of how the distribution of funds should be:

  • 95% Reserve provision, to support the value of the Angry Panda tokens and guarantee our repurchase at almost the whole issue price
  • 5% to finance the project:
    • Team expanding, contributors
    • Listing costs on exchanges
    • Advisors
    • Marketing: market growth, promotion, airdrops and bounties, community
    • System development, technology infrastructure & complementary technologies
    • Indirect costs: legal, office
    • Other costs

Keep in mind that, since we reserve 95% of the funds raised to support the price of our tokens, to guarantee the repurchase price to our investors, we only gets 5% to cover our needs. This means that if we theoretically need 10 BTC, we have to raise 200 BTC.

since when did you start doing your ICO?

How much have you gathered until today?

I think it’s a good project. I would like to comment some scopes if you allow me

Check details on our website. I don’t want to add a link here because the ICO is already closed.
DM me if you can’t find he info you need: Telegram

It’s ok

30€ cashback on - almost 36$
Buy your code on Angry Panda Shop for just 21$ or 0.02 XPAND tokens

Expiration date: 31th October 2018

Great and interesting project. I am looking forward to it.

I think Nice project! I love it

This project will go a long way to succeed.

I think your project is very interesting with all the advantages you offer to the investors you I am sure will be many who are interested to join to invest in your project.

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The project is very good, has been waiting for this for a long time!

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Angry Panda Shop

Added for sale:

  • AxAi tokens at 0.008$ istead of 0.013$ (actual price on the DEX is 0.007 Waves)
    Only 15,000 tokens available. You can buy in USD or XPAND tokens.

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Angry Panda Shop

Added to the shop:

  • Redfishcoin token, for visibility purposes (it is not available for sale)

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that’s good. I’m try finish airdrop task

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Well angry panda is great project

The project is very good, has been waiting for this for a long time!