Angry Panda cryptocurrencies: ROAR, XPAND, UBEAR, EBEAR tokens


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I joined,



Good Panda


This looks like an interesting project, excited to see it moving.



XPAND on Coin Market Daddy. :hugs: :panda_face: :large_blue_diamond: :hearts:

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XPAND listing on Raisex Exchange

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Good luck to the project💝


Thank you for that great opportunity!
We believe in you!




The airdrop “500 ROAR tokens to 10,000 followers” has expired and the distribution happened. Check your Waves address balance.

Thank you for participating, enjoy your airdrop and stay tuned for the next one!


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Waves tokens and leasing pools lists


  • Qualified tokens
  • Gateways

Also, now you can:

  • check prices and volumes taken from Waves DEX
  • get supply and other useful info of an asset (pywaves)
  • request to add new tokens and leasing pools



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