[[ANN]] aGUARD (AGRD) - Staking, Mining, and Masternodes


Facebook Airdrop -on
LWEE Holders -on
Faucet -on
Masternode -on
Partners -on
Idena Node -Waiting for Validation

Check faucet HERE

your project is welcome in our exchange, we have 8 market pairs. if you want to list with us ask at https://forms.gle/QvP7RiGzGSS6eczw8 thanks

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We will check on that once we start listing our token in other exchange


Idena Mining is ON
Status: Newbie
Stake : 40 DNA
Mined: 10 DNA

Visit AGUARD for more info.
Staking, Mining and Masternodes
$AGRD value is $0.0001

Partner: LaWeebly
Faucet: H20x


$AGRD token Allocation Information

$AGRD Promotional Campaign

We are using READ Service to distribute 100K AGRD to the 5k Active Wallets as our promotion.

$AGRD Value is $0.0001


aGUARD on COVID 19 Awareness

GUARD your Crypto
Start your own Masternode
For just 100kAGRD
AGRD Value: $0.0001
Trade on Waves.Exchange
more …

Visit H2OX site learn quickly about AGUARD Project

  • 3% of AGRD is subject to be BURNED
    Give your feedback
    And join our Airdrops, Staking, Mining, and Masternodes


AGUARD Online Miner (FREE)

Miner: 1
Client version: 0.5.2
Node version: 0.18.2
Total mined: 247 DNA
Status: Newbie/Online Mining
Note: 2 more weeks so we can distribute validition code and you may joine us MINING FREE

AGUARD Partners and more to come. . .

Be an AGUARD Partners

Meet our Condition;

  1. Be a Masternode Owner (100,000AGRD) Holding
  2. We will Airdrop $1000 AGRD to the 50 first Wallet of your Asset holders
    3 We run a promotion of your Token in our Telegram group
  3. We will Trade AGRD to your Asset on Waves.Exchange
  4. We will hold a number of your Assets less with AGRD Value we airdrop to your holders.


*Masternode owner gets 1-3% Monthly ALLOC
*Get Validation code FREE to join us Mining Idena online
*Token Promotion
*Shared Telegram Promotion
*Airdrop campaign of your asset to increase Awareness
*And there is more than that. . .

We will reserve rights wither we will partner with your project or not regardless of the condition is met.

AGUARD Online Miner (FREE)

Miner: 1
Epoch: 2
Client version: 0.6.0
Node version: 0.18.2
Total mined: 340 DNA
Status: Newbie/Online Mining
Note: 1 more week so we can distribute validition code and you may joine us MINING FREE



Staking will be activated this coming August!
Idena Miner Updates;
*Miner: 1
*Epoch: 2
*Client version: 0.6.0
*Node version: 0.18.3
*Total mined: 395 DNA
*Value: $0.16/DNA
*Status: Newbie
source >>>
Status: 4 active/1 inactive
Value: 25Waves
April 1-5, 2020: LWEE Holders distribution ($1000AGRD)
$2000AGRD Official Airdrops: Distribution June 15, 2020
Facebook Airdrops: On Going
Telegrams mini Airdrops
AGRD/TIBX ongoin on Nanu.Exchange
H2ox site
DM us to inquire. 1 Million AGRD shares in 2 years for Representative/Partners

Aguard is on Luxtrade for VOTING
Is it good to list AGRD on Luxtrade?
If you think, then come and join us
Cast vote on Aguard and soon we will have
Trading contest!!!

Cast VOTE now

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now at 330 Trades already
Come and join us Trading with Waves/BTC/ETH/USDN/LWEE/REDF
Join us on Telegram

AGRD Miner updates:
Online miner status:On
Last seen:3/27/2020 08:40:25
Stake:436.163 DNA
Balance:59 DNA
Value: $0.16/DNA
Join us Mining FREE
Just own Masternode to reserve your Validation code


AGUARD celebrate on Airdrops Distribution

We congratulate in advance the LWEE holders who will receive $1000 AGRD in their wallet just to celebrate of being LWEE_AGRD partners and bridging Waves Assets.

We will be using LWEE as tipping and promotional assets on Telegram. AGRD will remain on for Staking, Mining and Masternodes.

First batch of $1000AGRD will be given to the official LWEE holders snapshot taken on the first day of promotion…

  • Are you Waves Assets owner and wanted to Airdrops $1000 to your Token holders or promote your project? Contact us on telegram. We will surely help you bridges the gap.


$1000AGRD successfully SENT to LaWeebly(LWEE) holders

After 1 month of running Airdrops for LWEE holders as our New partner, It was distributed last April 1, 2020.

About 55 wallets were given this privilege to receive such FREE AGRD for holding LWEE only. Did you not receive yours? You can ask for assistance on LAWEEBLY Telegram and ask why you did not receive it to investigate. There was reason you may not get it;

  1. LWEE holdings did not reach 200k minimum
  2. Transferred LWEE from other wallet


You can trade AGRD against LWEE on WavesExchange
AGRD/TIBX on NanuExchange

$2000 Official Aguard Airdrop

You can join our official Airdrops
Just go to our Telegram for info
Say hi also so we will know that you exist.

Note: You just need 10,000AGRD to start STAKING. will be launched this coming August.
Own masternode and receive 1-3% Allocation or 12 to 36% per annum ALLOC


Aguard is now on WavesPlay

You can now use Aguard on Wavesplay
A gambling site that has Dice and Flip feature
Check site here


VOTE Aguard on Nanu.Exchange

Hello everyone,
Now, we start on Voting Aguard on Nanu Exchange
Vot us here
We hope for your support

Nanu is our next stage of external exchange
although we had Waves Exchange
This is for other people to know


Hello Everyone

We plan to list on Satoexchange; AGRD/DOGE pair
you can cast your votes here

Trading AGRD with Waves

You are invited to us trading Aguard
buy AGRD with Waves
Own masternodes and receive 1-3% ALLOC -12-36%/annum
Trade AGRD/Waves on Waves,Exchange and Nanu.Exchange


Aguard may Reach $0.001 this August?

Today, AGRD is worth $0.00025 in Waves.Exchange
As we can remember, we just start at $0.00007/AGRD
and if this continue, we can see clearly that AGRD can reach at $0.001 in this August.


Our Staking program will be open on August and as small as 10,000 AGRD to join. Now is your chance to buy more if you did not reach that amount. BUY now and gain profits in near future. We are here for long term goal.

Trade AGRD with Waves, BTC, ETH in Waves.Exchange. Soon we will be on Nanu.Exchange Don’t get left behind.