[ANN] All Mall - an international online store with its own cryptocurrency


All Mall - an international online store with its own cryptocurrency

ALLM was created for everyone. There is no need to move the cryptocurrency out in fiat money. Our goal is to make the cryptocurrency closer to everyday needs. Food, clothing, gadgets, air tickets … anything!

We know what we have to do to achieve it, and we know how to do it.

  • The basis of the ALLM - real and significant business processes

  • The number of ALLM is limited. In the future, there will be no additional release of ALLM

  • Connecting new companies to the All Mall will increase the deficit of ALLM

Join AIRDROP I to get 500 ALLM

  • First 10 000 members of All Mall will get 500 ALLM
  • ALLM will be transferred before the end of June

We are ready to share and believe in success.

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Greetings from All Mall,

All Mall Bounty Starts
100 000 000 ALLM will be provided for All Mall Bounty Campaigns | Part I

We are interested in articles, blog posts, videos and other publications from you.
Thank you, everyone!


All Mall provides a discount of up to 50% on ALLM for investors before the end of June

Just submit a request on allmall.co or contact us by [email protected]
Limited offer. The sales will begin in several days


If you want to get more profitable offer, you can buy ALLM now

25% discount for all participants before the end of June

Also, you can get 50% discount - just submit request on allmall.co or [email protected]

For AIRDROP I participants, ALLM will be available before the end of June.

Thank you, everyone


All Mall AIRDROP I Reward + Bonus

Please, Check your balance

Follow us, AIRDROP II Soon!
Thank you for believing in our project


We’re willing to bridge the gap

Special offer for local shops and online stores. If you’ll choose ALLM as main currency for your business you’ll give your clients more cheapest price.

  • We’re ready to reimburse your fee and price gap your clients
  • We’re ready to create a reserved pool for every partner

Contact us [email protected]


We always happy new partners


You’ll get 1000 ALLM and Extra 50 ALLM as a Referral Bonus


Add ALLM / WAVES to your favorites.
Hurry up!

Low commissions and really high speed! High speed! Transfer any amount from one purse to another — you need only one second!



BOUNTY will be closed before the end of July!

The estimated value of ALLM will be 0.03 WAVES - hurry up to buy ALLM for the cheapest price on WAVES DEX exchange!


See you in India

World Blockchain Summit India
September 20-21 '18



Check Your Waves Wallet
A Little ALLM Bonus has been distributed


1.“contracting with international stores” – which specific stores are they?
2. Is alpha available already?
3. Where can we see team members? :face_with_monocle:


Very sorry for the delay
Partners/API/Team members and much more will be available on our website during a 1-2 weeks


We’ve started to integration Smart Contract


Dear Holders and Customers,

We’re changing our line of work. The new company and new partners. The All Mall will be transformed.

The smart contract in progress. In the near future will be representing The New ALLM. During an update, ALLM will be swapped (1:1000). ALLM will be available on Crex24, Mercatox and iDEX Exchanges before the end of the swap.

Unsold ALLM from WAVES DEX will be burned.


Work in progress… one more exchange ready to listing and waiting ALLM. One more partner, ready to work with us - follow us, please and you’ll see it!

ITC PublicWorld LTD


​​Roadmap by 30th of October

  1. Starting the ALLM swap

  2. Listing onto four exchanges

  3. Very interesting announcement of something new

  4. Start advertising of The New ALLM


ALLM moving to ERC-20




Обратите внимание на мой проект, может быть он поможет вам заработать.
AIPCOIN, ID монеты на платформе Waves 4S7P2jG6s5dvkg9coTqoqKekTDe7ssv5UryAzikgbV7W.