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Unlike a hedge fund, SMIs like Bitcoin Enhanced charge no fees. This can make a significant difference to the returns. For example if $100 was invested into a strategy that returned 20% per annum, after 10 years the SMI structure would have returned $619 compared to $379 for a hedge fund with a 2% management and 20% performance fee structure (returns reinvested). This represents a 35% increase in returns over the 10 year period. By year 20 the SMI is returning 180% more than the hedge fund.


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Branton Kenton-Da:
" Is this another trigger for financial crisis? “the insolvency of the multiemployer program remains highly likely within the next 6 years” The US Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation’s (PBGC) is the government insurance scheme for corporate underfunded pensions. Time to reduce the risk? "

Hello Guys,

I am new to this forum, my name is Debby Tompkins and I am a Crypto Trader by profession. I want to learn new ways of trading bitcoin so that I can generate more profit. I have been going through the discussion and found some very useful techniques and hope for getting more new ideas.


Can Venture Capital Create an Internet of Finance?
New article from the co-founder of the project, Branton Kenton-Dau!

Hi Debby, a simple way to trade BTC is to buy Bitcoin Enhanced XBE tokens. We have a proven track record of when to short Bitcoin and are currently up 116% over the last 21 months. As XBE tokens are discounted you also have the greatest opportunity for gain with the least outlay.

On the risk side you need to be aware that XBE tokens still have low liquidity. This is simply part of the stage they are currently at, just like the early days of BTC. This means you may need to HODL until liquidity grows. Do not underestimate the role you can play by making public your purchase and letting people know why you have bought.

Read the other risks on the appropriate section of the website. Branton (co-founder)

The US bond yield curve has un-inverted. Does this mean recession has been avoided? Unlikely. - Branton Kenton-Dau.

Can you please tell me how much risk is involved? if I buy tokens.

I would be happy to know more ways of trading bitcoin. But in the very beginning when I had zero knowledge of trading, one of my friends suggested I who was already in bitcoin trading suggested me to gain some knowledge through an online platform that is providing knowledge regarding bitcoin trading. Then I visited IQ Options which helped me in gaining some good knowledge and gave me a kickstart in starting bitcoin trading. These guys were very helpful.

The main risk at present is low liquidity. Think of Bitcoin Enhanced like the early days of Bitcoin - if you are creating a new system of value it takes time for there to be enough participants for there to be liquidity. However, do not under estimate the role you can play in helping to create that liquidity by sharing with your friends. For a full appreciation of the risks please see: https://bitcoinenhanced.io/regulatory

Hi, it’s great you have found some useful tips for trading Bitcoin. At Bitcoin Enhanced we do the trading for you when we forecast when Bitcoin prices are likely to fall. We have done pretty well over the last 21 months - up 116% over Bitcoin. So you can also just buy our tokens. As most day traders actually loose money it could be a better bet.

Worried by the US-China trade war? Probably not worried enough.
New article by Branton Kenton-Dau:

“Some Christmas Cheer — How Pension Funds Can Have Their Cake and Eat It” by Branton Kenton-Dau!
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