[ANN] Maharlikan Gold (MGOLD) - The Next Bitcoin


You can’t control the small traders to sell for cheap for quick small profits but they are just temporary since they don’t realized the real value of MGOLD. Sooner or later, they can’t afford anymore to get MGOLD so they will stop buying and selling for cheap.

MGOLD is not for cheap traders but it is for those who hold it and realized its real value. The real future value of MGOLD far more than any other crypto and even Bitcoin can’t compare. Hold and you will see the Future. Thanks.






I am still holding I cannot wait for the Moon shot




Thanks. Hold and see the future…




Good Project


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nice project



Hell Good Community of MGOLD, traders and or investors. MGOLD is highly value. Why maintain a bad spread of Buy @0.0008900 Waves [email protected] You sell MGOLD for 0.00005007 from 0.00008900 Waves…you don’t know business and profitmaking. From 0.00008900 Waves per MGOLD you must maintain a tight spread of let’s say for example- Buy 0.00016000 Waves per MGOLD Sell 0.0001500 Waves. For instance 8-12% tight spread. Don’t devalue MGOLD, it’s your wealth your life. Best Wishes to All


Крутой проект :+1:


Спасибо отправил товарищ!


I’m trying to buy Mgold worth 4.82Waves but the quantity of Mgold is less than what it should be.


You can buy from available sell orders. If the bottom sell order is not enough you can buy the next sell orders until all your orders are filled.


Thanks a lot all sent…

Warning: MGOLD is About to Skyrocket!

The price of MGOLD has skyrocketed 1000% in just over a month. You can still catch up today if you can or you will be sorry for the rest of your life…

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I have done doing all task


I am sure your project will go to the moon^^
And this my wallet


Thanks and goodluck ^^


Don’t sell MGOLD for cheap, HODL is the best strategy, I want to get more airdrops of MGOLD at this wallet:



i cant wait for MGOLD to the moon ^^ btw ive done all task ty