[ANN] Trader’s asset (Ekd27)



QUANTITY 15 000 000 000Ekd27

trader’s asset

What is trader’s asset?

This is a way to compensate for trading on exchanges for traders.

Why did we create this method?

Trader s asset created as part of the promotion token Ekd27 on the platform wavesplatform.com in the framework of the loyalty program and growth of daily turnover token Ekd27.

What do I get for this?

  • In trade token Ekd27 against the USD, it may be selling or buying, we will pay you back a token Ekd27 the rate of $1=100Ekd27;

  • In trade token Ekd27 paired with WAVES, it can be selling or buying, we will pay you back a token Ekd27 based 1WAVES=150Ekd27;

  • In trade token Ekd27 paired with ETH, it can be selling or buying, we will pay you back a token Ekd27 based 1ETH=1000Ekd27;

Why don’t you use other pairs with Ekd27 token?

The most active pair with high turnover on the platform wavesplatform.com it stimulates the turnover of the token and provide the yield investors PASSIVE MINING TOKEN.

How can I?

Only 4 steps:

1 - Register on the platform: https://wavesplatform.com

2 - Purchase Ekd27 tokens on this exchange or get them on a free hand, see the forum: [ANN] Ekd27 TOKEN! AIRDROP! POS! 1000Ekd27 COINS!

3 - Create any turnover in pairs EKD27 / USD, EKD27/WAVES, EKD27 / ETH, it can be sale, purchase, or sale and purchase. Make a screenshot, create a link to the screenshot in the cloud or on your Twitter.

4 - Send 1Ekd27 (in the message to the transaction, specify this link to the screen!) a special purse 3PDarYb245YsNdDJyt2RktzAEr3av6wpzgr.

After 1-2 days you will receive compensation of trading on your wallet of the sender.

How can I verify a trade compensation transaction has been executed?

Just go to: https://wavesexplorer.com/address/3PDarYb245YsNdDJyt2RktzAEr3av6wpZgr

How many tokens are allocated for this payment method?

About 15 000 000 000Ekd27.

As other people know about this principle?

We will publish this information: