ARDROP Third Round - 50 Bio Energy tokens!

Project: Production of fuel pellets from wood

Global pellet market outlook in 2018:

The essence of the project:
Organization of production of fuel pellets from wood.

Production capacity:
900 tons per month.

Ukraine, Poltava region.

European Union countries.

Product certification:
according to European Union standards.

Founder of the project:

Chervonenko Roman Vladimirovich, 34 years.
From Ukraine, the city of Poltava.
Facebook profile:

Higher education “Kharkiv National Academy of Municipal Economy” faculty “Municipal Management”.
Professionally involved in sports, namely - powerlifting, complied with the standard Master of Sports.
He worked with 15 years. Passed the way from the utility man to the assistant manager of one of the largest enterprises of Poltava. The name of the company is “Alliance-Poltava”. After that, spent 9 years in business, namely in supplying enterprises of the Poltava region with solid fuel.

I have long wanted to organize the production of wood pellets, as in Ukraine, a very large amount of raw materials for production at affordable prices and at the same time demand exceeds supply, as in Ukraine, also in Europe and in the whole world!

Thanks to the rapid development of Blockchain technology and the possibility of tokenization of my idea, I decided to conduct my ITO and build a plant for the production of wood pellets.

Project Objectives: Developing a Renewable Energy Market!

I invite you to take part in my project!

We will produce 900 tons of wood pellets per month.

Of these, we tokenize - 300 tons of products every month, for two years (24 months).

We emitted to the Waves Platform: 7,200,000 Bio Energy tokens (BET)

Utility tokens will also be released: BET 1, BET 2, BET 3 and so on,
These tokens will be provided with products manufactured in a certain period of time.

For example:
BET 1 - will be provided with products manufactured in the first month after the start of production.
BET 2 - in the second month, and so on.
In total, there will be released tokens for 24 months, 300,000 tokens for each month, to ensure 300 tons of pellets every month.
1 token = 1 kg pellet

BET token holders will exchange them 1/1 for BET 1, 2, 3 and so on.
After that we will burn BET tokens.

Token Holders
BET 1, 2, 3, and so on will receive products for their tokens at the end of the month.
Tokens that will not be exchanged for products, we will buy at the end of each month, at the market price of the 1st kilogram of pellets in Ukraine.
Now the average price in Ukraine: $ 0.16 per kilogram.

We will deliver products to our customers in Europe.
The cost of shipping from Ukraine to Europe is not included in the cost of tokens and is about - $ 0.1 per kilogram.

A company in Estonia will be created to legalize ITO.

BET token distribution:
AirDrop - 200,000;
Pre Sale - 1,000,000;
Main round Sale - 6,000,000.

Crowd Sale:

Pre Sale: 1 000 000 BET
Price: 0,04 $
Budget : 40 000 $

Sale: 6 000 000 BET
Price: 0,08 $
Budget : 480 000 $

Road map:

First quarter of 2019:

  • Announcement of the project;
  • Issue tokens;
  • Creating a project community;
  • Pre sale of tokens;
  • Website creation;
  • Conclusion of contracts with buyers in Europe;
  • Conclusion of contracts with suppliers of raw materials;
  • Creation of a company in Estonia;

Second quarter 2019:

  • Sale of tokens;
  • Start the construction of the plant;

Third quarter 2019:

  • Completion of construction of the plant and start of production.

We expect to produce the first batch of pellets in September - October 2019.

Pre Sale: 1 000 000 Bio Energy tokens
Price: 0.04 $

Left on sale:
700,000 Bio Energy tokens!

Trading pair:
BET / Waves

ID: C5fZx8gCcVuvwkqfRjthYjCp5wiwfVLEtRW3afz8oryL

Link on DEX:

AIRDROP Third Round:
Get Free - 50 Bio Energy token, for the 500 participants !!!

In order to get free tokens you need:

  • subscribe to our channel:
  • write in the comments under the topic on the forum, the address of your Waves wallet

AIRDROP will be credited to wallets after reaching 2000 community members!



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