Assets In Wallet Do I chuck Them?

what`s all these,weth cc and wbtc ml and all the other stuff in my wallet.Are they worth anything?
my addy 3P4BVvtRSczyNaCzcSc8BkFxHLQ6yQJTSNg

They are mostlikely scamtokens. Dont go to those websites and never fill in your seed. Better to hide or burn those tokens.

ahh ok. I dont understand why there are transactions like the last couple. one for 12.47 wgo. I dont remember that? weird

It is possible that you receive coins from Leasing out your own Waves tokens to a node. This includes sometimes tokens like WGO, WNET etc…
these tokens are not scam but unfortunately there are also a lot of scams coins on the DEX a.t.m.

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Ah ok cool,thank you.Do you recommend any sites I may find useful?

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I recommend Redfishcoin soon will launched Second Airdrop!