Available Axai Faucet @ H2OX and Tipbot on Twitter

AIMining Officially on Turtle Network

T. You for Leasing TN to AIMining
23 payments found!
70.491 of TN will be paid!

Enjoy Turtle Network

AIMining is running cryptocurrencies nodes on Turtle Network. Initially AIMining will payout to our lessors TN amount Every 30 days. We will increase the TN rewards steadily to time as soon as more leasing will arrive to AIMining Nodes.
Node Owner: @Axaichat

Node Address:


Telegram Group: https://t.me/Axaichat
Token Name: AIMining (Waves Platform)
Website: https://axaitoken.com
Payout Period : Every 30 Days.
Other Details: Axai is also available on Waves DEX. Assets named as
“Axai ” Asset ID: https://wavesexplorer.com/tx/A4tvKLB66QMmSJPXJgiajNnrtSjvqAapxTqhLzJbBNFX and “AIMining” AIMining TN Network Asset ID:

Enjoy your leasing with AIMining T. You for your support

AIMining is @ 1M TN Great job and help from Turtle Network… :wink::+1:

We are Happy to annouce and share that our Team has started to work, build and deployed blockchain based applications which are called “Dapps”.
(RIDE based) on Waves
Dapp Link: