Axai Donations with a Bonus


Greeting from Axai,

This is for your kind attention that Axai has started accepting donations in 4 most popular cryptocurrencies. (Addresses mentioned below)
The announcement comes after earlier this year the UN agency launched several other crypto-related initiatives. (One of the most favourite for banks is XRP)

What is Axai?
Axai is a decentralized crypto token created under waves platform. You can read more about us here and can even contact us directly:

If your more interested you can type Axai in search bar of Waves forum and can read all of our related articles.

Why we choose the way to accept via donations not by direct sales of Axai tokens?
Well Axai want to be a reputed company and as we are already going through the process to get License for our organisation from FSC. (Anguilla Financial Services Commission)
As per FSC rules crypto’s donations are acceptable. Nobody is allowed to sell tokens directly without their approval or license.
It’s just a simple as we are confronted to FSC and they have recommended us “No sale till license Approval”, as we have respected the government terms and their regulations.
So that’s why we have made Donations available.

What benefits you will get from Axai?
You will get an equal amount of Axai token for the same amount of crypto’s you will donate us. (Crypto’s Addresses mentioned below)
We will even you an extra flat discount of 5% of your donations.

Suppose you donated 0.1 BTC then you will get equivalent amount of Axai along with 5% discount.
That means your will get 5% extra for your donations along with your investment. (That means 5% return immediately)

there is no any limits on donations. Even you can get Axai in fractional unit.

Where we will use your donations?
We will use the donations for following purposes:

  1. To setup the company infrastructure and taking legalized licenese from SEC (Securities And Exchange Commission)
  2. To create a strong technical team
  3. For Webmaster and Web content writers and media attentions
  4. Listing of Axai token on various famous exchanges
  5. Future upcoming products of Axai (Mentioned in already existed Whitepaper)

Our Achievements till date:
We are listed on coin codex for Axai price listing.

We are also in que of listing on coinfalcon and Nanu Exchange

#Our Social links to contact us:

Telegram: Axai

Donation Addresses for Axai:
WAVES 3P3EkN6VfFir5Yz96Q2TcEBTTrQQj6qvn4B
BTC 1Cee1EJGLET334inDavyAyQPsxCcxg7ePa
LTC LTaqAA3z22wGJzzX64RkmmcE779QSvNpK6

Axai organisation or team doesn’t prefer any kind of referral activity, pyramid scheme or MLM, doing that will be an offence and Individuals are self responsible for that for any legal issues or actions aginst them.


Welcome to Nanu Exchange
Axai is Listed on Nanu Exchange for your support in Axai