BearWaves Node


Pool name:
Address for leasing:
(or alias: bearwaves)


Payment policy:
weekly payments, 90% of Waves, Mercury and OCL
75% of MRT

Pool Representatives:

w0utje (slack/discord/telegram)

The Netherlands

Feature voting policy:
Voting with Waves’ future in mind, discussing with pool colleagues

Other Details:
Running waves nodes since 2016, leasing pool since activated.
Service, developing, scripting, bots on Waves
Node maintaining, testnet and backup
help & know-how


Hi, what have happen to your node?


Hi! You tell me, as an author of the algo :wink:

Also it’s pretty fine when 100k node with less then 0.2% can’t generate the block more then 24 hours (or not?), But node with 500k and no blocks in 48 hours is not okay. ;(



My notify bot went down and node was hanging. As a result missed the downtime… restarting atm


Hi what is my return for 5 waves


Depends on the mined fees, last week it was around 0.000297 for 5 waves. You can see the report tocompare:



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