Bellavita token airdrop - "pos" coming soon

Bellavita Token is a Digital Currency on the WAVES Platform.

The purpose of the Bellavita token is to create more awareness for cryptocurrency in the community of lovers of Italian Food & Fashion.

From luxury sports cars to breathtaking dressings to delicious gourmet food, Italians are true artisans in their crafts. People worldwide are dreaming for Italian design and products in their home, or tasty food for their meals.

There needs to be another standard of value in cryptocurrencies, that of people’s personal interests, not just trying to create a new digital currency based on economics. There are hundreds of such currencies which have been created, but we need to focus on building exchanges of values within human interest groups. There needed to be an easy to use interface for the general public, that was not just a wallet for one currency, but both a wallet and an exchange. It is clear that WAVES has become that platform, with it’s easy to use Waves wallet available at wavesplatform dot com .

We have created this token with only 1 million supply. We are going to aggregate the community of Bellavita lovers, first airdropping 50% of the supply (1000 people with 500 tokens each), 30% will be available by purchase on Dex, and the rest reserved for special bounties.

After the airdrop, we are going to introduce the Bellavita Token to a leading company that is selling worldwide the finest Italian Food & Fashion items. In case they will love our idea and community, maybe they might think to adopt it? Well, let’s try!

Asset details

Name: Bellavita Token
Details: Bellavita Token, the cryptocurrency for Italian food & fashion lovers.
Number of coins: One Million (not reissuable)
WAVES Identifier: 2z6uPa3Ms39SkvBMeB7TYZLxeny6C1YRXL1SfVtaw8kK
Asset distribution:


Buy/Sell with Waves


50% of the total supply has been reserved for the first 1000 people that will follow these four simple steps:

  1. Follow Twitter account
  2. Retweet pinned tweet
  3. Join Telegram channel
  4. Fill out the form

The first 1000 people that will follow these rules will receive 500 Bellavita Token. Please make sure to use a personal Waves address, not an exchange address!


We have reserved special bounties for people that will help the promotion of this project. Post in this thread your suggestions or PM your ideas!
Warning: do not post wallet address in this thread, or you will be banned from airdrop/bounty. We will ask it to you, if needed.

Get your free Bellavita token everyday at

Update - second airdrop incoming
See Bellavita token airdrop - "pos" coming soon


New exchange H2Ox for Waves tokens is being launched.

Inside there is the possibility to request for free Waves and various other Waves tokens, including Bellavita Token!

Sign up for free at

thank you
twitter user name @mpolat12
Telegram user name @mpolat12

Thanks, but please follow the rules BELLAVITA TOKEN AIRDROP


Thanks, but please follow the rules BELLAVITA TOKEN AIRDROP


Please follow the airdrop rules


please follow airdrop rules




please follow the airdrop rules at the top of this thread, thanks


please follow the airdrop rules at the top of this thread, thanks

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Hi @yeswepump, i followed the rules and sent the form, but i did not receive the tokens. Can you please check? Thanks

@D_unch airdrop sent!



Good project …
Success BELLAVITA :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart: