Bellavita token airdrop - "pos" coming soon


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görevleri tamamladım ama hala bişey gelmedi


Excellent project, you have a wonderful future.
Telegram user name: @ilfat246


please fill out the form and follow the rules as stated on the top message to receive the airdrop - thanks


Username telegram:@Gede006



I joined:
Telegram: @AdziuHon
Twitter: Andrzej11241519
WAVES adres: 3P8CwTH6sWh7YvXimzDbr7TuyXfMYhybF24
I send airdrop form !
Good job Team :slight_smile:


Another airdrop has been done today to active DEX traders. See BELLAVITA TOKEN AIRDROP


Twitter User Name: bestgearonline
Telegram : @webbiztoday
Wave Wallet: 3P9MQdKE7VCgazzrP1WtD8ZRjdWGAwcMVTA


link does not work or is private :confused:


Sorry about that. the thread was deleted, I’m re-adding the content on this thread later today


ok thanks looking forward to it


Asset distribution


First Airdrop - some spots are still open!

50% of the total supply has been reserved for the first 1000 people that will follow these four simple steps:

  1. Follow Twitter account
  2. Retweet pinned tweet
  3. Join Telegram channel
  4. Fill out the form

The first 1000 people that will follow these rules will receive 500 Bellavita Token. Please make sure to use a personal Waves address, not an exchange address!

Get your free Bellavita token everyday at

New! February 6 2019 - Second Airdrop and “POS” coming
Today we selected 1000 active traders on WavesDex and we sent each of them 100 Bellavita Tokens. This is another step to increase awareness for the project, and will be the entry point for a sort of POS for Bellavita holders, that will be announced in 4 weeks.




We are finalizing the idea to reward holders of Bellavita Token.

The minimum holding amount will be 1000 tokens, so make your calculations while trading on the Dex.






Please fill out the form in the opening post to partecipate in the airdrop. Thanks!






Four more days to enter the airdrop, then the form will be closed on Feb 28th and airdrop terminated. Please make sure to follow the rules to enter the airdrop.

Early March we will announce the rules for POS: minimum holding requirement will be only 1000 Bellavita!