--Best Dividends-- - White Paper, Crowd Sale ICO 0.3 Waves Only 50K For Sale. HuastecaMX Tokenize Chicken Link to airdrop here!



Joining the airdrop!


THX Redfish I send you the HuastecaMX


For extra Airdrops or first Airdrop please go to






Hi guys you can get some BlaMar at their Airdrop
and you can take youre BlaMar and buy HuastecaMX

Check out their Share holders %
for 1.5 HuastecaMX you can get 100 Blamar with a 3% Share if you hold BlaMar every month.









> Hi guys Thank you for youre support!!!


Remeber guys its pre sale 9/27/18 to 12/27/18
and on 2/1/19 it will be worth 3.09 each

If you purchase 1 HuastecaMX now for .0997 Waves on 2/1/19 it will be worth 1.65 Waves
If you purchase 10 HuastecaMX at .997 Waves on 2/1/19 it will be worth 16.5 Waves
If you purchase 100 HuastecaMX at 9.97 Waves on 2/1/19 it will be worth 165 Waves
If you purchase 1000 HuastecaMX at 99.7 Waves on 2/1/19 it will be worth 1,650 Waves

and for extra Airdrops please visit us at



Thanks in advance.


Hi Guys you can purchase now 71.42857142 BlaMar for 1 HuastecaMX.
Check out the dividents that BlaMar offers.




I don’t see any selling order for that,


Yeah I saw he hasnt sold any BlaMar and the people with HuastecaMX are not selling.


Hi Guys once again thank you for youre support and hey check this out

HuastecaMX Dividents Chicken price at 3.60 USD

100 to 999 HuastecaMX 1% Divident Four times a year
1,000 4,999 HuastecaMX 2% Divident Four times a year
5,000 to 9,999 HuastecaMX 3% Dividendo Four times a year
10,000 to + HuastecaMX 5% Divident Four times a year

Paid on March 1, June 1, September 1, December 1

100 to 999 HuastecaMX equals to payments of 10.80USD to 29.97USD
1,000 to 4,999 HuastecaMX equals to payments of 72USD to 360USD
5,000 to 9,999 HuastecaMX equals to payments of 540USD to 1,080USD
10,000 to + HuastecaMX equals to payments of 1,800USD to +

So if you buy 100 HuastecaMX for 9.97 Waves on 2/1/19 you will have 165 Waves in Value and you will recive 10.80USD every 3 Months, about 3.40USD monthly for holding youre HuastecaMX about 1.50 Waves way better then leasing youre 10 Waves.


BlaMar/ HuastecaMX are open for Bids

Make sure to Visit our project at


Hi Guys Thank you for youre Support,
Remember dont miss out on our Pre sale 9/27/18 to 12/27/18
only .0997 Waves For one of our Chicken Backed Token wich will be worth 1.65 Waves on 2/1/19