Biggest Cryptocurrency Forum

wavesplatform community is very active and friendly platform. There is very less discussion about cryptocurrency I am looking for a Cryptocurrency Forum where i can find the biggest crypto community.


I think it is obvious that Bitcointalk is the biggest forum when it comes to Cryptocurrencies, but it is also fair to say that there are MANY other forums which are equally good. It’s often hard to figure such forums out easily. As a lot of research on Google is required for it.

Fortunately, I have found out the easiest way to track the Best Cryptocurrency Forums, and that’s via Cryptolinks, it’s heaven on earth type of thing for people with having everything that you could ask for and that includes top Crypto forums.

It depends on the coin, but BitcoinTalk is the biggest, Moon forum and Altcoins talk are big too

So, the link does not actually work

Altcoin talk is big as well

Bitcointalk, bitcoingarden,, forum.bitcoin, cryptocurrencytalk, altcoinstalks, bitcoinforum