BinDay [Node] | Monthly Draws


Pool name:

Address for leasing:

Amount leasing:
10 Waves

Payment policy:

  • We pay 100% Waves + MRT.
  • Every first Friday of the new month, using a random number generator, we draw a lottery among the project participants. The amount of the draw depends on the number of transactions in the network, the generating balance of the node, as well as the total generating balance of all the nodes. To participate, you must familiarize yourself with the conditions of our leasing pool.
  • Read the terms here: english | russian

Note! Lease exactly 10 Waves from one address. Read the conditions of our leasing pool, please!

Pool Representatives:
Stanislav | [email protected]


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The rally is less than a week away and since this is our first official draw I decided to tell how this is gonna happen.

First I’ll publish some data before the raffle in order to keep it fair and transparent. What kind of data?

  1. Numbered list of participants
  2. The draw amount
  3. Number of the block where random oracle number is generated.

How do we use Centaur oracle from Tradisys in our nearest draw?

We have to explain the logic of determining the winner as the small number of participants we have does not allow using the built-in mathematical algorithms. So we’ll do it another way.

The algorithm is quite simple:
a / b = c
We take the first suitable 4 digits from the oracle number (a) and divide by the number of participants (b). What we get as a result is the winning number (с).
If the first 4 digits of the oracle are not suitable - move one digit to the right.

To make it clearer, take a look at an example using this Data-transaction.

We are interested in the contents of this field:

Remove all the characters from the Value field except the numbers and get the following:

We take the first 4 digits and try to determine the winner:
2502/17 = 147
These numbers do not suit us, since we do not have a participant with the number 147.

Remove the first digit and take the following 4:
5021/17 = 29

Alas, this neither suits us.

Again, we remove the first one and take the following 4 numbers:
0215/17 = 12
The winning number is 12.

The Oracle is located at this address.
Any of you is be able to doublecheck the results of our drawing!


Today is the first Friday of this month! And this means that today we will draw between the participants of the BinDay project.

  1. List of Participants: Data Transaction
  2. The amount of draw: 5 Waves
  3. Block height with a random oracle number: 1377251

If your address is not in the list of participants, then your funds are in leasing for less than 30 days. But, you can take part in our next draw, if you do not cancel the lease transaction within a month.

Check the results of the draw will be in a few hours!


The participant won at number 6. The prize has already been sent to the winner! Congratulations and wish you further success!

To check the result of the draw, use the links:

Over time, the amount of the draw will increase. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Our next draw will take place on March 1st. Good luck!