Bitland/ Waves


Bitland loss 33.33% but it should go up I thing the coin has a future.


what is bitland?

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I dont know someone send it to me it was 5usd worth of it and then it loss 33.33% but it looks like its going to keep its price since no one is selling lower.


It just say “The Nr.1 Waves Token for Swiss and German Investors” only 97,900 were made Not reissuable. So i thing just beacuse of its volume its going to keet its price who ever has them can realy sell it for less since there not that many of them. I got 1,000.0000


2,000.000 are in the DEX so no one realy want to sell I guess.


Right now i got +1,000 Bitland
+4.1 US Dollar


Let me know if you wana trade for Redfish Ill give you a lil more of what its worth


ok, thanks

it is better if there were info about this coin, like website, bitcointalk, fb page, twitter, whitepaper, and strong support at DEX, I will watch this!


yeah youre right. thx for the feedback


I have 500 Bitland and ready to sell


Ill sell you 900 Bitland for 1 Waves


900 for 1 waves?

thanks, sell it in the dex if someboy will buy!
look at aadd, he is ready to sell to. not believer of this bitland. This is not good sign, If they all wanted to sell and will to hold or buy.

if no buy orders of this bitland, then there is no real value and no reason to buy too