BlaMar Invesment Group===Airdrop===

Total amount:100,000,000
Decimal points:8
Type:Not reissuable
Issue date:10.10.2018 21:27
Description:BlaMar Investment group for businesses. Mexico

BlaMar Investment Group is a small Investment group from Mexico.

Our investment group is for small business project not only in Mexico but in USA, Colombia.
We are working on 3 projects that need just a little more of funding.

Eis Kaffee: Bottle Ice coffee company based in Ibague, Tolima,Colombia we have 4,000USD secure, we need 5,000USD.
The coffe industry in Colombia is about 89 million a year for the leading company Juan Valdez Coffee. Our product will be a better one because we will sell our product to stores and returants giving us a much biger consumer target.

We are working on opening a small bottle Ice coffe company in Ibague Tolima Colombia.
Ibague is in the center of Colombia, this is great beacuse from Ibague we can take our product to all over Colombia.

Our Second investment project is on taking the expirience learn in Colombia to Mexico. With 150 million in Population Mexico will be a way bigger market.

Delta Money Services: Money transfer agency based in Houston TX. we have 1,500 secure we need 1,500USD.
Money transfer is the biggest business for latin American in average with $25.68 billion USD are send to Latin America Every year.

Houston Texas has a big Latin American Population and money transfer is a prouduct that they need in a bi weekly bases.
Our agency will work with the biggest companies in Money Wire

  • RIA
  • Barri Financial Group

the advantages of working with more then one company is that everyone has a diferent exchange rate and therfor we can find a better exchage for each customer.

Working with Barri Financial Group will give us a bigger advantage over our competitors since they ofer other product to the Latin American customers

  • Auto Insurance, Life Insurance, Workers Comp. Inurance.
  • Check Cashing
  • Bill Payments

So our Investment Group needs 6,500USD to finish out first to Investment projects.

We will have dividents for holders of our Coin.

  • 100 3% monthly shares
  • 500 5% Monthly Shares
  • 1,000 7% Monthly Shares
  • 2,000 10% Monthly Shares

Please feel free to blog and ask us for more information.
We will launch on the 15th of October.


Place bid Blamar/ HuastecaMX Only Private Sale
Waves/ BlaMar will star on 10/15/2018



It seems this offers the same with Redfishcoin,
Earning 3%-10% monthly shares


I wish you success on you project!


The Redfish is the model of a good project.

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Hello Redfish Thank you!. I saw that your project has a good flow. We, Blaike and I believe that by making our currency to pai with HuastecaMX on the Exchange, we will achieve our goal and something more.
We got in touch with the HuastecaMX greator through Facebook and saw part of the video he planned to launch on his site and we felt good just to collect HuastecaMX, but hey, if we can link it with you it will be great too.

What do you think of our project?

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I always like holding a coin for a reason
This project is good,
I will keep on eye on your development

Also be persistent on it, Success is just a part of long journey of ones project!


Private Sale 1 HuastecaMX to 75 BlaMar
on the DEX after privet sale it will be 50 BlaMar to 1 HuastecaMX
10/15/18 end of privet sale


I don see any sell orders at dex

Yeah he hanst sold any Blamar, Ill Air drop my to get things going.


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BlaMar I.G. Is now on the DEX and selling if you will like Airdrops please add youre address here.

Also guys we need 5,000USD to star selling our Ice coffee in Colomabia, Every sell counts, Also keep in mine the Dividents. Make good money and grow with us,

For HuastecaMX to BlaMar, please open bids so we can exchange their as well.
BitCoin Cash
Are welcome
Place Bids and we will exchange

God Bless you and lets grow together

BlaMar I.G.


My wallet





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