Blockchain Certificate System


This project is a part of the Developers Grant Program for Waves Tech Ambassadors. Please, ask your questions here. More details about the program you can find in our blog post.

It should allow the creation of a list of certificate owners and, using DataTransactions, store the hashes of certificates (PDF files) with the owner’s public key and current status (active/withdrawn). For users, it should give the opportunity to check a certificate via its id or the public key of the user. The first use case is a certificate management system for Waves Ambassadors.

Requirements for projects:

  • Proposed application must utilise Waves blockchain
  • The code must be open source
  • The code must be published on GitHub
  • The project, including all technical details, should be described on or on your personal blog.

Assessment criteria for projects:

  1. Quality of application
  2. UI and UX
  3. Will Waves Community benefit from the project?


То есть данные сертификатов должны храниться с помощью DataTransactions в одном аккаунте/адресе? Управление реестром будет централизовано? @ikardanov


Can you ask again in English, please?


Who will add certificates? certain accounts? @ikardanov


Please take a look at it The Waves CA @ikardanov


Cool! I will review it ASAP and return to you!


A more detailed description from @ikardanov

There is a certain administrator account that manages information in the blockchain (via Data Transactions).
A format of the stored information:

address: {
  status: 'active',
  certificate: 'base64encodedPDF/PNG/etc',
  note: 'Tech ambassador in Spain',
  avatar: '…',
  name: '…'

The administrator can revoke the certificate (status = withdrawn).
There are pages that are available at addresses like{address}. It shows the name, photo, notes. The certificate can be downloaded.
There is also a page where you can type in the address or public key and find out if the owner is an ambassador.