BOUNTY a ton of silver and a rare coin for nothing. Servius coin


Servius Tullius by all means contributed to the growth of the welfare of society: following the example of Solon in Athens, he bought the poor from slavery.
Today, on behalf of Servius, I am releasing 2000 Servius coin tokens And I give a promise to buy out every next token from you, at a cost twice as much as the previous one.

A rare coin Servius coin issued in extremely small quantities of 2000 coins.
90% of all existing coins arrived at DEX at an extremely low cost of 0.11 WAVES

In the past few years, many people have become fabulously rich.
And for me there was a problem how to share?
How to pay tithing?
After all, if a person is given $, he will spend them very quickly and will not receive any development.
The person will not change!!!
Therefore, I offer every poor person who reads me:
Buy it. Buy only 1 coin, no more.
Buy and save, and then see what happens.
This coin (1 piece, no more), give to your mom,
give to father, brother, sister.
Each one has 1 coin, and then you see what happens.

Today, on behalf of Servius, I am releasing 2000 Servius coin tokens And I give a promise to buy out every next token from you, at a cost twice as much as the previous one.
he redemption of coins will last 10 periods.
1 period is 16 weeks.
Total 160 weeks.
Once a week (always on Sunday), I buy coins from you with one order for the amount specified in the formula:
1 period = 2 WAVES weekly
2 period = 4 WAVES weekly
3 period = 8 WAVES weekly
4 period = 16 WAVES weekly
5 period = 32 WAVES weekly
6 period = 64 WAVES weekly
7 period = 128 WAVES weekly
8 period = 256 WAVES weekly
9 period = 512 WAVES weekly
10 period = 1024 WAVES weekly
Every week I post a photo report.

Collectible coin Servius coin
Buy only 1 coin

a ton of silver for bounty
XDC Denarius

Wallet Information

By the end of period №1, the number of collectible coins in my account will be reduced to 200. 10% of the total issue

Bidding with bots (bots are not mine, it’s from the platform)
Needed in order to determine the market value today.
about 12 hours of trading
2000 volume
About 10% of coins are in bots.

0.4 + 1.6 = 2WAVE

The next buyout will take place January 06, 2019
confirmation of report servius coin

January 4, 2019
Distribution XDC Denarius completed ahead of schedule!
Reason: too many fakes.
The project was created for living people!

Because of abuses with bots,
Twitter reposts are no longer accepted,
then I pay 500 coins, instead of 250.
but only accept Facebook repost

Repost this post on twitter or facebook,
after that write a message like this:
(www link to your page; your order number; your wallet)
the first 1000 people will each receive 1 kilogram of silver for the repost,
(250 coins, each with 4 grams by weight)
There are only 250000 XDC Denarius coins.
After you can

  1. store them until they reach the cost of 1 kilo of silver
  2. immediately sell them to DEX
    The first coins I buy back at 0.01 WAVES,
    After, when they become more expensive, I buy them at market value.
    I plan to buy back 50% of the coins,
    and 50% of the coins will remain with you.

Servius Tullius


Good Token Servius


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An example of a request on the bounty:


Good Luck,



Hi Great project which has a huge potential.If u continue doing such big steps in the development of your project



Great project


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Good. I love it
Here my way address.





wawes- 3PFPvXwVXLAjZKKoRjw6FdosHs97uaBbiBP




I have not received my.

Here my way address.



The essence is short: I want to pay tithing on my income. Pay the community. They say it attracts money. But I do it not for the sake of attraction, but for the sake of purification of conscience. For the soul.


This is the true essence of the issue of money. Make a promise and fulfill


In the end, I want to create two things. 1 very rare collectible coin whose value is regulated by the market 2 silver stable coin, the value of which I hold


Profitability Algorithm Extremely Difficult on Minor Commissions After 3.5 years, I will gradually begin to return their investments


The dollar is a temporary phenomenon. I create a stablecoin XDC tied to silver. Second coin collectible Bitcoin type, but very rare.