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Is bug in testnet also valid?


Sure. If we don’t know about it yet.


вот и боком выходит ваш игнор, а я говорил что с блокчейном будут проблемы :подмигивать:


What do you mean by our ignore and problems?


After all, I appealed to you, in support and reported that there was a glitch in the blockchain, my coin was recorded as reissued, then in some strange way it became non-reissuable, then I again released it 2 times and recorded it as reissued (it was originally incorporated in the coin) after that The coin was recorded as reissued at the info it is unreleased. in one word, you will have bugs as there are transactions in the blockchain in which the entries occur in reverse.


Can you provide some links at wavesexplorer.com to investigate?


This is known case, asset was non-reissuable from the beginning, but then due to one bug temporary became reissuable.


After the release of the coin was a reissue 2017-09-17 16:02:09

The next day, the coin was not reissued, in the blockchain there is a record of the transaction which I did not do.https://wavesexplorer.com/tx/WYK59Ynyr4kiwvHUZ7PPF7eUTsQh6T5LzxY3XuuezQE
Turned in support and they did not help.

I went into the wallet and saw that my coin was completely like I did it initially - reissued, I tried the release and it happened
2018-06-15 11:32:30

I was surprised and pleased that everything worked, I tried another release and it worked.
2018-06-15 11:39:43

But later the same thing happened as before, the coin was not reissued and without writing to the blockchain. There is a release date in the blockchain; this will affect further when upgrading the code.

Today, a non-transferable coin, relying on the last two transactions, is reissued, and earlier entries in the blockchain cannot jump over time and build on this functionality, therefore there will be bugs.


This blockchain!!! It is your responsibility!!! If you think so you should expect problems and not the interest of the audience to your platform.


Thanks, @Emir999, very nice bug in MAINNET which you can see with your own eyes.

@alexkof, is it fixed? I see some reissue fixes at March 2017: https://github.com/wavesplatform/Waves/search?q=reissue+rollback&type=Issues

But the problem tx was at September 2017: https://wavesexplorer.com/tx/WYK59Ynyr4kiwvHUZ7PPF7eUTsQh6T5LzxY3XuuezQE


The menu now looks like this:

Reissue unavailable, There is nothing one wants to do.
They also said that there is no reward for this mistake, so I wrote above


The bug was that (as i understand) when you issue an asset with reissuable = true and then reissue the asset with reissuable = false you was able to clear this flag by a burn transaction which would rewrite asset info from the first issue transaction (with reissueable = true). So after the burn you could reissue again.

It was fixed as NODE-843: https://github.com/wavesplatform/Waves/search?q=NODE-842&type=Commits

The important part: https://github.com/wavesplatform/Waves/blob/99034863c39622fdc471b3ac5d4ca81fbd3ca045/src/main/scala/com/wavesplatform/state/diffs/AssetTransactionsDiff.scala#L59

As you can see, @Emir999, first commits on NODE-843 dated June 14, 2018, when was your first report? I see your buggy reissue transaction at June 15, 2018, so i believe the bug was known before your report.


I turned in support in 2017, to the command of the waves, but was ignored.


How you was ignored? – the bug was fixed.

What are you complaining about? – the Bug Bounty was opened at July 2018.


Support said it was lucky, but the developers did not answer me. I can raise the ticket and make a screen.


Can I install a wave node with an error in order to re-issue an asset?


@Emir999, this is YOUR transaction where you set reissuable = false: https://wavesexplorer.com/tx/WYK59Ynyr4kiwvHUZ7PPF7eUTsQh6T5LzxY3XuuezQE

There was the bug which temporary allowed you to reissue your token after burn again, now it is fixed. What do you want, to make this bug work again just for you? It is not gonna happen.

There is no way to reissue your token in MAINNET, because YOU set it to not reissuable state.

@Emir999, if you still find your case is not resolved, please feel free to make a new topic about it.


I just sent an email about a seed backup bug


hello. what about the wallet for android … ?? i can’t see my token installed with waves, even though everything has been updated, i can only do trading for my token in the browser …


I think i found a bug: is not a security one but I don’t know if this program is restricted only to security ones. In case, please just ignore it (and please tell me where i can report it).

to replicate:

  1. open desktop client
  2. lease 1 waves to alias: shockwavesnode
  3. press Start Lease
  4. press Send
  5. “Invalid address” appears.

Screenshot: https://drive.google.com/open?id=11vXM2MEUe9Ttu9oR1mir7c9Vsi__hLIw