CALL TO ACTION - Vote Waves on Ledger roadmap


Since Waves devs did a great job on the technical part of the Waves integration on the Ledger hardware wallet it’s time the community shows Ledger some love. Maybe we can speed up the code reviewal at Ledger this way. Participating is really easy and only takes 1 minute of your time.

So I call everyone in the Waves community. The CEO Sasha Ivanov, all colleagues in Moscow and all over the world @ikardanov @tatiana @alexkof. Please vote and inspire others to do the same.

All node owners: @clipto @MrTurtle . Please vote and inspire leasers to do the same.

Everyone else in the Waves community @Yams @WAXEX @hawky_WavesBI . Please vote and spread the word!

Lets get the attention of Ledger and make this happen.

Create an account and vote here:

Login, click Waves Support, press the thumbs up button and maybe leave a comment :muscle:


great idea, just up-voted and left a comment :slight_smile:


Nice. We had like 20 votes since today. I will try to keep this topic under peoples attention to gain more votes. Don’t report me for spam :stuck_out_tongue:


Great initiative , did the work and share the information :slight_smile:


Поддерживаю идею полностью. Проголосовала и мало того - распространяю аппаратный кошелек Ledger Nano S на территории России как официальный представитель компании с подписанным соглашением. Если нужна будет помощь на тестирование кошелька я готова ! Волны есть и жду интеграции ! Удачи ! :heart_eyes:


I have no idea what you just said but I`m sure it’s fine.

Please spread to word to let more people vote!


Nice one. Let’s do this together.


there were 237 views yet few were joining the call, seems they are not interested


Views are also the same people visiting this topic several times (like me). I will continue to spam this until we have atleast a few hundred votes :roll_eyes:


Here one as well who visit this topic multiple times … haha


85 votes! Continue to share this please, let’s get this party started!


Good idea!! Just voted and commented!


92 votes. Please spread the word and let’s get 100 tomorrow! :slight_smile:


Nice works guys! Let’s hope they get to it


Bumping this topic. Still need one more vote till 100!


I’m the 100th :slight_smile:



Good job, the Waves Community! Our Ledger app has been approved! The release will be really soon.


Good job
hope waves price would raise now :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone who voted! Awesome news.


Axai Voted go Waves…