CBO Coin ONLY this week CBO/WAVES 0.000999


Good project. Also use mesh network technology in your product/services to target poor countries with quality internet and network technology. Here’s Waves address 3P3naQE2fz6vnKWfVmPFdWNQTUYe9a2NDPV


project of future


CBO seems to be a good project with innovation of blockchain technology in security systems, best wishes & here is the wallet address to receive airdrop:



Good Token CBO


3PKPMhq9urQ85KeLBH3kHcFXPHpz1Za48PA :+1:


You can now change your airdrops in the DEX, thank you very much everyone!


Best project


smart idea for looking info proof of human and activity, but i think you need create announcement at bitcointalk if you a seriously for this project, i have see if you create at announc at bitcointalk participant , investor, like a ico can successfully for smart idea like this.
and you must create channel telegram or linkedin if you want to promotion the project. thats a great. like a spy, but i hope this project must nice and briliant for argentina peopple for looking the kids to control of activity. i hope you control the activity like a filter cache, searching content 18+, and content filter the alarm for father and mother the san. thats it,
my auth twitter id @Bitsanid
facebook fb.me/Lasyaei
instagram @ab129h9m
my wallet 3P7Uo5oXQfifEzYYxLRJKGV8rBnMFtoNJq2




Thank you very much for your attention, I will take into account everything you just said to implement it this week, +50 cbo coin






A good and promising project with huge potential. Thumbs up!



Waves airdrops are the best :100::100::100::atm::running_man:t3:‍♂:dash:


3P4eySMCp6t4scTzH7xmhnzXzT7VsBo55RK хотел бы получить ваш токен



Air CBO +150 on telegram



Waves address…


keep it up


Даров. По моим стопам пошел?:+1:


интересный и перспективный проект