CCAPCOIN first airdrop


The CCAPCOIN is an ICO on waves blockchain who want make transactions easy to webmaster.
We create CCAPCOIN in January(2019) and we worked on our project documentation at this time

And now is our first step time: Commercialization
To do it we maked an airdrop
You can use CCAPCOIN in to use this website Services
The ccaptcha give you creative captcha service. You can buy exclusive ccaptcha or ads in this website. at this moment have persian language. But we working to add english and arabic too
first drop metod
On you can earn CCAPCOIN when you send pictures or words.
Go to > login > drop page
ccaptcha use this data to make a big data base and pay you for cooperation

And for CCAPCOIN we have some tasks for you and this tasks have salary in CCAPCOIN
second drop metod
Buld a website for CCAPCOIN(we give you the plan) for 50000CCAPCOIN
This website is CCAPCOIN wallet and have market for CCAPCOIN. You just need make a connection with waves api
We have full documentation to give you about the wallet

And we have a drop plan to our marketing agents
third drop metod
CCAPCOIN price is 0.004 waves
We will pay 5% of every customer who you invite to buy ccaptcha
You must sale at minimum 2500CCAPCOIN

You can read more about CcapCoin here

You can find me on telegram: @emadmp
If you have questions you can contact me on telegram