Client libraries for PHP, Elm and Rust


This project is a part of the Developers Grant Program for Waves Tech Ambassadors. Please, ask your questions here. More details about the program you can find in our blog post.

The library you create needs to be able to generate seed phrases, generate addresses and key pairs from the seed, and sign transactions.

Requirements for projects:

  • Proposed application must utilise Waves blockchain
  • The code must be open source
  • The code must be published on GitHub
  • The project, including all technical details, should be described on or on your personal blog.

Assessment criteria for projects:

  1. Quality of application
  2. UI and UX
  3. Will Waves Community benefit from the project?


Do you already have such a reference interface or a favorite one?


I think the best interface in current libraries is in


Are you thinking to include Golang? We’re actively developing Golang Waves library and CLI.


I can make a PHP library, actually i’m working with waves and php. Who should i contact?


Please contact me here or in Telegram (@kardanovir)


why no Javascript here?


We already have 2 libraries for JS:


Hi, you cand find my seed generator working at:


It only can generate seed phrase from list of words?


Yes. I am working into a new account generator (address and private key generator); it will be noticed soonest. Regards.


Happy to announce all PHP developers: full-featured Waves Platform development kit for the PHP language is close to the finish line, it is on BETA now:

Welcome aboard, waiting your feedback.


You asked PHP 5.6 support in WavesKit, it is done in 1.0.2-beta, you are welcome.


WavesKit now supports all Waves Platform transactions and order creating and cancelling.

Also, txMonitor() was added to monitor for new transactions on your account and callback your function to take an action on every new transaction. Set robust level by $confirmations (default = 2) variable, super easy to use, but very taugh functionallity inside which tracks new vs. old transactions by internal database.


WavesKit now has tests and docs:

And it got out of BETA, for now it has 1.0.6 general availability version.

Just use composer require deemru/waveskit and work with Waves Platform easily on PHP.