Contest: best Waves DEX video review


We’re inviting everyone to participate in a contest for the best Waves DEX video review!

We’re looking for active community members who can make great reviews for the new Waves DEX. After the contest is over, we will award prizes to the three community members whose videos we find most useful and interesting.

The contest will end on 12 July at 10 am (UTC+3).

UPD: You can do it in any language.

1st place — 100 WAVES
2nd place — 50 WAVES
3rd place — 50 WAVES

UPD 2: Details for everyone who would like to participate:


You must:

Make a video review
Post this video on your YouTube channel
Use tags from this list: cryptocurrency, WavesDEX, DEX, exchange, Waves, WavesPlatform, crypto, blockchain
Post a link in Twitter to your video, using the same tags list
Post the link to your tweet in the forum topic about this contest

UPD 3: The contest has finished.


Send details please.


I’m curious to see the details :relaxed:


Send details, thanks:)


Спасибо Татьян за приглашение но вынужден отказаться, в данное время очень занят.


Send details. thank you


Great, count me in! Yes please


Greetings from Germany.
We will make a video about the waves dex.

Count us in! :slight_smile:


I would like to join.


Дайте подробности на емейл.


Would love to review! :sunny:


I need to join our full force


Send details plz thx


I’m in!
Here we go! ~


How long should the video be?


up to you to decide :slight_smile:


Добрый день очень интересно пришлите
пожалуйста материал для работы !


I am very interested


Gee! I’m ready for creating


Я хочу помочь в продвижении Waves