Contest for the writers: Waves DEX overview


We’re inviting everyone to participate in our contest for the best Waves DEX overview.

We’re looking for an active community members who can write a great overview for the new Waves DEX. After the contest is over, we will award prizes for the best reviews to three community members.

The contest will end on July 12 at 10 am (UTC + 3).

UPD: You can do it in any language.

1st place — 100 WAVES
2nd place — 50 WAVES
3rd place — 50 WAVES

UPD 2: Details for everyone who would like to participate:


You must:

Write an article about the Waves DEX. This might take the form of an overview of the DEX, in which you compare several different DEXs with the Waves DEX.
Post your article to your Medium account.
Use tags from this list: cryptocurrency, WavesDEX, DEX, exchange, Waves, WavesPlatform, crypto, blockchain.
Write a post in Twitter with a link to your article, using the same tags list.
Post the link to your tweet in the forum topic about this contest.

UPD 3: The contest has finished.


You can post your overview any time , when it will be ready


Interested, please send through details


Will live to write a review, count me in. Yes please


You need review in any language or only English?


What language do you prefer?


Yup, I’ll have a go…


count me in :slight_smile:


Good new, everyone!
You can write overview in any langauge.


я готов, жду ответа, надеюсь у меня получится


готов попробовать, пришлите детали


я хочу! и я смогу!я герой!


Hi, how would you like to have the overview? I would like to participate.


I would be delighted to signup for this contest. Please send me over the details…


Interested, please tell me more.
Thanks in advance.


a wonderful contest this is, an avenue to express my interest in waves in writing, count me in please


Я готов! На английском надо точно, а на русском?


Готов к работе. Жду сообщение с данными.


Попробую сделать. Отправьте данные.


Ok, let’s join me on this part