Contest for the writers: Waves DEX overview


Добрый день. Хотела бы попробовать себя в качестве автора. Можно поподробнее?


i like to join :hearts:


I would like to participate in the writers contest.It seems very interestirng.Could you send Me additional details about the contest.Thank you.


Details for everyone who would like to participate:


You must:

  • Write an article about the Waves DEX. This might take the form of an overview of the DEX, in which you compare several different DEXs with the Waves DEX.
  • Post your article to your Medium account.
  • Use tags from this list: cryptocurrency, WavesDEX, DEX, exchange, Waves, WavesPlatform, crypto, blockchain.
  • Write a post in Twitter with a link to your article, using the same tags list.
  • Post the link to your tweet in the forum topic about this contest.


А почему это не в разделе конкурс?





Представляю на суд жюри и членов сообщества свой обзор WavesDEX.


Подготовил небольшой обзор для конкурса.


Hi! My submission for the article contest is here!


сделал твит с линком на конкурсную статью. надеюсь не опоздал



Что-то напутала, спасибо)


We are very grateful to all our community members who took part in our contest!

The winners of the Best Waves DEX overview (writers) are:
1st place - Dan80
2nd place - beebeehem
3rd place - Tony_Stark

Waves Platform would like to thank all of you who participated in this contest!
Stay tuned! We have lots more interesting things on the way.