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Good place, begin leasing today …

Can I lose my Waves while leasing?

Hi. As you can read in our FAQ your Waves are never at risk. Leased Waves never leave your wallet :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your support!

We just released a new video on how to create a smart contract on Waves. In this video we use a Smart Asset example in a few simple steps! I would to hear feedback from you guys :blush:.

Thanks a lot @w0utje for supplying the scripts used in this example.


Payday! Today we did our 25th payment for a total of 55 blocks mined. This is yet another ATH for us :slight_smile:. Thanks everyone who leased their Waves to Cryptin Wavesnode!

Payment details:

thank you for the answer, I’ll have a look

26th payout is done. 66 blocks mined this week, thanks for leasing to Cryptin guys!

Payment details:

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Payment 27 is done! This week we mined 61 blocks for a total of 12.3 Waves and 488 MRT :slight_smile:

Thanks for leasing!
Payment details:

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We are in the process of upgrading to node version 16.2 and resyncing the chain. We hope we are back in sync tonight.

Payment 28 of our node was done! Because of the node upgrade we had some downtime so we mined a bit less blocks then usual but we are back online and in sync! Payment details:

We just updated our guide on how to setup a Waves full node (and payout scripts) with a new chapter: Chapter 3 – Restoring a node from a fork or resyncing the blockchain. We hope it’s useful!

I just got my first start in WAVES leasing. Excited to see how it goes. Continued luck to your group. Cheers!

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Thanks for your lease!

We just did payment number 29. We paid 90% of Waves and MRT mining revenue for a total of 62 blocks mined to our lessors. Thanks for leasing to CryptinWaves! :slight_smile:

Payment details:

We just released a new ‘how-to’ video on a small but cool feature of Waves, how to create and use an alias :slight_smile:

We just did the 30th payment to everyone leasing to cryptinwaves. This week we mined 61 blocks and paid 90% of Waves and MRT to our lessors. :sunglasses:

Payment details:

We are in the process of payment number 31 of our Waves fullnode. This week we mined 58 blocks. All payment stats can be found here: #WAVES $WAVES

Yesterday our Waves fullnode was updated to version Version 0.16.3 (Mainnet) and is back to mining blocks

What’s up everyone? Cryptin Wavesnode is doing payment number 32 at this moment. This week we mined 53 blocks, thanks everyone for leasing to cryptinwaves! More info can be found here: