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Hi everyone! Cryptin payment 48 was just done!:fire:

This week we mined 55 blocks for a total of 33.6 $WAVES (ATH!) and 440 MRT. Leasing to us can win you a Waves branded hardware wallet! For more info check out our website.

Payment details:

Due to holidays we next payments could be a bit later as usual. Payment reports will be posted after august the 16th.

Payment 49 last week:

Payment 50 last sunday:

Thanks for leasing! :revolving_hearts:

Payment #51 done! 59 blocks this week :slight_smile:

Payment details:

Payment 52 was just done! This marks the official 1 year anniversary of Cryptin Waves node! :slight_smile:

This week we mined 51 blocks, payment details can be found here:

Payment 53 done! :slight_smile:

Payment details:

Updated the payments on our website now too.

Payment 54 was just done, 60 blocks this week! Thanks for leasing to cryptinwaves :slight_smile:

Payment details:

This is why you should lease to us :slight_smile:

Payment number 55 has been done, 52 blocks mined this week. :sunglasses:

A detailed report can be found here:

Payment 56 is underday, we mined 67 blocks. MRT payment only got distributed for 3 days this week so that’s why it’s lower than usual.

All payment details:

Forgot to post here but our node has been updates to the latest version. :slight_smile:

Payment 57 is being done right now. 66 blocks this week :slight_smile:

Payment report:

Waves has stopped MRT payout and will no longer distribute MRT. Our payment policy is still to pay 90% of all revenue. This revenue will no longer contain MRT by the looks of it.

This week we mined 113 blocks for a total of 100.7 WAVES! Thanks for leasing :muscle:

Payment details:

We have added some more links to this page recently :slight_smile:

With the new blockreward we still have the same payout structure as usual. 90% of all revenue will be distributed to lessors.

Payment 59 has been done! This week we mined 108 blocks for a total of 504 WAVES. Due the to the blockreward this ofcourse is an ATH in revenue. All payment details can be found here:

Our Waves lease (LPoS) address: 3PPPTqGUYHJUYqKkRCV3kAS44guun9iN7J8

Or use the alias: cryptinwaves