Of course, it doesn’t.
It’s not another update. But supply and demand drives the price for everything in the marketplace including this particular asset.


What are your predictions for the near future? For a few days, weeks? Several percent per month, as it’s been stated before?


Started streaming 6 hours ago.
They should have noticed us on time.
Hope, we’ll be able to watch the video.


I think there are only two factors that will influence the price:

  • how it behaves (the higher the price, the more demand);
  • company news, reports, updates, etc.


Telegram is not the most popular messenger in the world. Are there any other information channels?
Only telegram and a website, . what about Facebook, Youtube. You do have a youtube channel, but that video still won’t play.


The most important factor is the price itself.
Consumers do the opposite of best investment practices - they buy when the price goes up and sell when it goes down.


I think it’s worth being guided by how much you want to earn and keep token until then. Now the price is 0.00033 Waves, this is about $ 0.000825, we plan to increase the token to $ 5 within three years, if we are lucky, this may happen earlier. When our plans come true, we will set new goals.


To this group we have no relationship.
In the beginning there were different options for how to call a token / company / team, we stopped at this, because it is all together: the Founders, Investors, Friends and our new community. We have an amazingly well-coordinated team, although it is still small. We also set the task to expand team.


In fact, he is an international messenger, it is very convenient. We are not yet registered in social networks and Youtube. As the need arises of course we will do it.

I don’t understand what video you are talking about? If it’s about a live broadcast, it is up and running, if you have problems playing it, write a programmer to the telegram in the chat and help you figure out why. Usually no difficulties arise.


In addition, downloadable profits are constantly pushing the price to new heights.


Why do they do that? Lack of knowledge?


Thank you for the answer. And what exchanges are they?


While several strategies are working, the first one is on EUR / USD
The second on the WAVES / USD pair, as the token evolves, we will include various trading tools.


Have a nice day, everyone!
From February 5 to today loaded profits from transactions in the amount of 60 USD!


Do many people hold this token? Never heard of it


All when it starts with a small, but over time grows! Previously and this was not! We do not know how many holders we have, but the Waves blockchain is open. I think you can see there. We have not done this yet, because for us it is still too small a volume and we know it.


I am deleting your “trading recommendation” as I don’t think its appropriate to have this in here


The forum allowed trade negotiations. If you treat us biased - this is one thing, but you are breaking your own rules!


Your post was not a “trade negotiation” but a financial advice, which I think is inappropriate, especially given the situation that there is no transparency around your project :slight_smile:


You see transactions. We do our job. Over time, we become more transparent))