I believe there is only one factor, and it is… the crowd.
The thing is, when it comes to digital age assets, it’s always important to remember that they’re not worth a dime when something really bad happens (I refer to, say, total collapse of the global economy, or stock market shakeouts).
The crowd determines whether a particular company is worth something or not.
The same applies to cryptobrothers. And the “crowd” here is just the local crowd. You buy, you hold, you take the profit when the general crowd gets interested. Simple as that. Works perfectly with any investment starting with tulip stocks (remember?) and finishing with cryptobrothers or another token.


Just wanted to add that people often do the opposite of what is needed.
They buy when the price goes up and sell, cry and complain when it goes down.
When it comes to the world of cryptos, worth being mentioned, that those were investors (NOT TRADERS) who made most of the money investing in bitcoin, ethereum and other cryptos.


I regret the fact that I discovered this thread only now… as well as other cryptocurrencies and tokens… :slight_smile:
Even though most of the people are still not aware of the coming digital revolution. Tremendous amounts of money have already been made, haven’t they? :slight_smile:
But I believe there is even more money to be made!
About cryptobrothers… I was scrutinizing the chart and realized it’s been traded since April 2017!


Hi! Please tell me what is the idea behind your project? Or just drop the link where I can read all about it. Thanks!


Yes, our token does not resemble not stocks, not bonds … We adopted the successful model of settlements with BNB token customers (Binance). They buy their tokens from the company’s profits. We went the same way. This way of calculation is clear both for clients and for us.

The 3 most influential factors affecting the price of CRYPTO BROTHRS.
the first - token purchases on the exchange (demand)
the second is the time of ownership of the token
the third is the company’s profit; the higher the profit, the greater the support for token liquidity.


In our activities, we cannot allow a departure from the plan. This is comparable to the fact that we will lose reputation, and in the financial world it is the most expensive. Every week we have a profit, we load liquidity into our token. The profit is always different, it depends on the volatility in the markets where we participate.

#28 Investment currency, where profits from conducting transactions on various exchanges are loaded into redemption applications, thereby ensuring the growth of our cryptocurrency! And you can always make money on fluctuations in the rates of various currencies, along with professionals. Approximate income in the month of 3-5%. The minimum recommended investment horizon is about six months and more. The longer you are in an asset, the greater the return. The site has a live broadcast trades live.


You mentioned Binance and I believe it makes sense to refer everyone who wants to learn more about their business model to this link.
CB official website has a FAQ section where you can find enough information to decide whether to buy it or not.
I made my own conclusion, and I’m following the chart :slight_smile:


Thank you for your confidence


Hi there, I’m new here. just wanted to share with you my two cents.
You don’t have to be an investor to make money with cryptobrothers or any other assets.
Even though you can buy and hold anything for years, it might take only a few days or weeks to make money.
Just look at the chart.
The more volatile an asset is, the more opportunities there are for both investors and traders (mainly for traiders).
When it comes to cryptos, I’m a short-term thinker. Just keep in mind that commission is your responsibility.


Daily update here :slight_smile:
So, I invested when the price was 0.0003572. Now it’s around 0.0003576.
Relatively little change in long-term expectations :slight_smile:
What about your experience, guys?


You’d better stay away from measuring “your success” on a daily basis in this case.
Nothing wrong with daily updates, though. I act the same way.
For those of you who are still skeptical, just watch below. What I see is an uptrend.


Just wanted to share that I’ve just purchased some more crypto brothers.
The price is pretty much the same - 0.0003503, so no daily update for today :slight_smile:


Thanx, done!

Highly recommend, guys, if you have not yet joined these channels, do it.
plenty of useful information including company reports and future price predictions.
I think you have to post these links on the main page of your website.


Great advice, but I prefer to follow the company’s advice and invest for a long term.
I don’t invest tons of money, so if something bad hanneps (alien invasion), it wouln’t hurt my budget.
on the other hand, if something fantastiс happens (if cb behaves like bitcoin in the recent past), mmm…


I still don’t get it.
Could someone pzl explain it to me.
Is it something like a mutual fund? If yes, which companies or digital assets does cryptobrothers invest in? Where can I find the list? Where does the profit come from???
I visited the company’s website, but no answers there.


Joined. Really great source of information.
What I like most is trading recommendations, best entry points I mean.
but it’s difficult to decide when to buy, even though it’s constantly growing.


The best way to take action was yesterday, ever heard?
The same applies to cryptobrothers. The early bird gets the worm.
It’ doesn’t matter too much whether you buy today or tomorrow, but look at the chart and do your own math. Try to calculate how much you’d have made had you invested a month or two ago.


Another day, another update.
Wanna share with you this image.
What does it look like in your opinion? :slight_smile:


What you’re suggesting?
Do you think, we’re about to see some drastic changes?