Well, maybe not ‘drastic changes’ but changes nonetheless.
This asset is being driven by the demand. The more demand, the higher the price.
This is what I see. So, if you’re still waiting and thinking whether to buy or not, I would follow the company’s advice, which is ‘buy now’!

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The following week or two might be a great opportunity for traders, not only long-term investors.
I guess the price will soar before it goes down.
Just bought a little more… That’s not advice, just disclosure :wink:

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You can make another mistake if you keep scrutinizing and overanalyzing.
Either you’re in, or you’re a passive observer.

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I still don’t fully understand all that tech stuff such as how exactly company analyzes financial markets and where can I find the list of companies that generate profit for CryptoBrothers.

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What is the minimum/recommended deposit? In US dollars.
I mean, does it make sense to invest $10, $20, $100?
I’m asking because I know that commission eats away some profit.

Do you fully understand how the stock market works, how Apple generate their profits, how EXACTLY your smartphone, mac, washing machine, vacuum cleaner work?
Just go to and browse the FAQ section.

From various currency exchanges, stocks, raw materials, cryptocurrency. Everywhere there are different strategies. We have long been in this business and we know what strategies work for a long time without failures. At this stage, only a few strategies work because of the low capitalization of our token, over time we will launch many strategies for greater diversification.

As this thread had some unusually high activity I looked into the token/website a bit.
First of all, your website looks nice :slight_smile:

A few red flags:

  • no Impressum, no Addresses, Company names or Registration numbers
  • no Employees public
  • Offering cash prizes and “trips to the best resorts in the world” to investors for attracting new customers
  • no track record, no meaningful statistics or audits available
  • most accounts commenting on this thread are new
  • Most of the trading volume of the token comes from the two biggest holding addresses trading with each other
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Very good question.

  1. We are not tied to any jurisdiction, since the team works from different countries, our jurisdiction at the moment is the Internet. In the future, if necessary, then of course we will go through registration in some country where there will be a tax haven))
  2. We work with money and in this case we should not disclose key employees for security reasons.
  3. These conditions are offered for key players who work with large investors. Any significant work should be well rewarded, isn’t it?
  4. This punt is in active work, our roadmap will be published soon, I think a day or two.
  5. We are relatively recently at the site Waves.
  6. Within a year, this situation will change markedly. Do not forget, we keep a significant amount of our clients’ funds.
  1. Offering an Index Fund without any company behind it is illegal in any jurisdiction and no serious investor would put money into it.
  2. Every company works with money :wink: not having any employees public also means that the risk of an exit is higher and being public fosters trust, especially if you are taking client’s money
  3. These conditions are the beginning of a pyramide scheme.
  4. looking forward to it.
  5. Don’t see the connection here. Yes, your project is new, but every account on this thread here as well (and they all communicate in similar ways, to me it looks like astroturfing)
  6. Completely unrelated, there is no need to have the two biggest addresses trading with each other. In most cases this is solely to push the price higher and get new people into it (which is illegal as well )
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  1. At the moment everything is legal, we use a token for this, the question is more about transparency as I understand it. We are ready to increase transparency, a lot has been done for this and will be done. But not at this stage. Our capitalization is ridiculous compared to the companies where we worked before, but the idea is good and realizable, it works.
  2. Everything is realizable.
  3. I do not agree. There are brokerage companies that have licenses and audits of large companies pay their partners for attracting.
  4. I do not really understand this sorry.
  5. Pushing prices higher is a big risk as there is no guarantee that people will start to buy a token because of this. Therefore, we do not do this, everything is going quite well with us, and the bidding function always occurs, from the resulting profit. Sometimes our price is in the sideways movement, but this is not bad, we immediately set time intervals for our customers, which should wait at least half a year or more. People see that we perform our function.

1/2. that’s hilarious, every company taking clients money should publish registration numbers/ business licenses and having a legal notice with basic information like company address or contact details is a necessity.
3. Yes, but these brokerage companies do not cater to the public/small investors.
5. The issuing address and the second biggest holder are trading with each other and pushing the price higher, please keep in mind that this is a public blockchain and people can check it themselves.

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We are a small company, we have a startup. Of course, we understand that in order to implement the project, it is necessary to make everything transparent. We understand this and will implement it in the near future. Price manipulation in our case is completely meaningless.

Hi, I completely agree with your first point. I don’t like the fact that the company cannot explain where its profit comes from.
This is what they write on their main webpage:

Each month our team analyzes over 20 potential investments for 15 filtering criteria.

I asked SEVERAL times if they could share the list of companies they invest in. No answer. And I don’t like it.

Why can’t you share the list of companies you invest in? It’s that simple, isn’t it?
What’s the reason to keep it private?

Do you mean crypto projects? Or through what brokerage companies we work?)

We have a live broadcast of transactions on the site))

Hi! I didnt find any info about the project, can you share the info with me please!

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We also have a channel in the telegram as well as chat
We will be glad if you enter

I think everyone who invests in Cryptobrothers has to understand how it works and how exactly it makes money.
This is not my company, and it does look like another hyip. You have two choices - read the FAQ section, believe and invest, or go away.
For me, it’s like a game. If Joe the average invests 5% of his investment portfolio in high-risk assets like penny stocks, cryptos, it might make sense to invest 5% of that 5 % in cryptobrothers.
I will change my mind if the company increases its transparency.

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