Why do they do that? Lack of knowledge?


Thank you for the answer. And what exchanges are they?


While several strategies are working, the first one is on EUR / USD
The second on the WAVES / USD pair, as the token evolves, we will include various trading tools.


Have a nice day, everyone!
From February 5 to today loaded profits from transactions in the amount of 60 USD!


Do many people hold this token? Never heard of it


All when it starts with a small, but over time grows! Previously and this was not! We do not know how many holders we have, but the Waves blockchain is open. I think you can see there. We have not done this yet, because for us it is still too small a volume and we know it.


Trading recommendation on 02/17/2019. Buy half the amount of the market, half put bids from 0.0003 to 0.00033