Why do they do that? Lack of knowledge?


Thank you for the answer. And what exchanges are they?


While several strategies are working, the first one is on EUR / USD
The second on the WAVES / USD pair, as the token evolves, we will include various trading tools.


Have a nice day, everyone!
From February 5 to today loaded profits from transactions in the amount of 60 USD!


Do many people hold this token? Never heard of it


All when it starts with a small, but over time grows! Previously and this was not! We do not know how many holders we have, but the Waves blockchain is open. I think you can see there. We have not done this yet, because for us it is still too small a volume and we know it.


I am deleting your “trading recommendation” as I don’t think its appropriate to have this in here


The forum allowed trade negotiations. If you treat us biased - this is one thing, but you are breaking your own rules!


Your post was not a “trade negotiation” but a financial advice, which I think is inappropriate, especially given the situation that there is no transparency around your project :slight_smile:


You see transactions. We do our job. Over time, we become more transparent))


It’s been a while since I posted an update here.
So, here it is:

Slight changes, but the price went up a little bit.


What are your intermediate goals?
You often refer to a trading volume, what is your expected trading volume in a month, 3 months, in a year?
We all can see from my previous post that it’s quite low and didn’t change too much.


Do you have an affiliate program or something like that?
Can I refer other people who would like to invest in your token?
I found some really exciting info on your website, could you clarify?

We are a very partner-oriented company. Our terms of cooperation are among the most beneficial. By attracting customers to Crypto Brothers, you do not just earn a reward - you become part of a team. The best partners consistently receive cash prizes or trips to the best resorts in the world.


our credo is stable growth. We are not supporters of super fast results … But we will be happy with them!))
Soon we will make a publication about the development of the company, as soon as everything is approved. Several subsidiary companies will be launched that will feed CRYPTO BROTHERS. Now being developed.


We need partners with experience in raising funds and are willing to pay well for their work. This is all solved in an individual conversation.


Where can I find income statistics for a year? I mean, income statistics, not a price chart.

In other words, how much money did the company generate from its operations within the last 12 months?


I join the question.
Was just wondering about the same. What is the total number of investors who purchased cryptobrothers? Tens, hundreds, thousands? Also, what is the total amount of invested money?
Starting small sounds smart, but how small is the company now?
I found on your website that you paid 1.09959 Bitcoin to your investors. Is it relevant information?


Now the price is 0.0003665.
A month ago it was just the same.
But if you look closely at the chart (this is what I did), you’ll see that there were some opportunities for traders :slight_smile:


This is why the best way to invest in cryptobrothers is to buy and hold. I think it won’t take tens of years, but a year or two to take the profit (or fix a loss).
Let’s be patient!
If you’re looking for news, updates, just join an official telegram channel.


I think this is just the beginning.
I don’t want (I wouldn’t dare, to be precise) to compare cryptobrothers to bitcoin, but there might be some similarities.