I wouldn’t call it “lack of knowledge”.
Most of the people invested in bitcoin at $10-20k not because of the lack of knowledge, but because of get-rich-quick mentality.
Today the majority of people invest in stocks. When the financial crisis hits, they lose their money and turn to precious metals.

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is it the next bitcoin?
can i get some coins for free???

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Buy and hold approach still works for this and other assets.
Finally, I came to the conclusion that it diesn’t make sense to upload price charts everyday. It doesn’t matter whether it goes up today and will go down tomorrow.
It takes a lot of time to track it all.

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Never heard of this.
This was never advertised here, on the website and in Telegram channel, so I think no, you can’t get it for free.
Whether it’s a new bitcoin or not, you decide!

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Is this another bitcoin fork? How does it work? How do you know it will take a year? Is it a random guess?

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Publishing trading recommendations violates the forum rules, so they still do that in Telegram.

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Great news for all of those who invested at the beginning of the year (only two months ago and earlier!).

No, I’m not one of the early investors, but I hope there is a lot of money to be made, as it was mentioned in this thread several times.

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Sorry for not answering, on Saturday and Sunday we rest with families and there are so many answers! This makes us very happy)))

In CRYPTO BROTHERS there are many strategies and all of them bring profitability. Some strategies may be in a drawdown, but this is temporary, but it scares many investors and they withdraw funds without waiting for profit. We can not keep a graph of profitability of cryptocurrency, because such a function is not for many cryptobirge. Of course, we can show some of our yield graphs!

We don’t know for sure, they say everything is recorded in the blockchain)) We don’t need to keep track of it for now. And about bitcoins, this amount is about 2 times more, the one indicated on the website. We used to work on a different system, but switched to a token! Now you can see for yourself how we load the profits into the buyback bids.

Nobody knows this and even we!)) But we are trying to make our token capitalization grow day by day.

We do airdrop to addresses where there are Waves. Buy Waves and you will receive 10 CRYPTO BROTHERS))) The amount is not big, but nice)) Many sell, many hold, and someone burns)) Here are stupids))

as promised, you have the statistics of one of our robots.

Документ.pdf (362.8 KB)

In this document, the details of the yield chart, namely statement

Dear CRYPTO BROTHERS users! Our team concludes that the redeemed tokens must be burned, because they have fulfilled their function. And we will constantly publish how many tokens are burned. We have a question for you, our customers! Do I need to vote on this topic? or we are unanimous!

today burned 147728 tokens purchased by us for the last few days

1074 repurchased tokens burned today!

today burned 34725 tokens purchased by us for the last few days

Update new heights!

burned 93390 tokens purchased by us for the last few days

Thanks for the information! Gonna check it

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Dear customers! We have opened a new strategy that has proved its profitability over time! The strategy conducts operations on the Russian stock market and also on the US dollar / RUR currency. You can see its profitability in the broadcasts of the right side (we keep and load the profit taking and load every 5%).