burned 182950 tokens purchased by us for the last time


Прибыль только от прироста капитала? Или держатели ещё будут получать доход типа дивидендов?


Profit is loaded into redemption, thus, the more you hold the token, the higher the price and, accordingly, the profit.


Yesterday burned 206590.93 tokens purchased by us for the last time!


We successfully dealt with 114078 tokens bought by us


Today burned 1148130 tokens purchased by us for the last time!


someone sold very cheaply))


Yesterday burned 298920 tokens purchased by us for the last time


Dear users! Long time no news, in view of the high load. During this time, the problem with scalability has been solved and soon we will see a greater number of our active users, and, accordingly, the resulting consequences from this)) We expect an increase in profit growth in the next quarter.
Another achievement is the opening of an individual course (so far only in the Russian-speaking market), consisting of 10 main lessons, during which a person who barely heard what “trading” begins to trade and gives an excellent yield !! Of course, we are learning the basics of the first half of the course, and then we delve into the necessary analysis tools needed in the trading strategy that we pass on to our students and partners in the future, because we continue to accompany them and warn them against trading errors. But this cooperation does not end there, and we develop and show new horizons.
If you have a desire to use this mentoring, then we are waiting for your applications with the phrase: “I want to undergo training”. The price for this course is symbolic, only 200.000 CBT
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Dear users! We ask you to vote for our project and leave your assessment.


Soon we will present our development in the field of trade, soon everyone can take advantage of this product and earn every day from currency fluctuations with the help of a robot! Rent will be very affordable! If you have an interest in this product, please contact in the chat telegram


Presented statistics for 3 years. That is, for the year the robot produces about 70% of the profits, respectively, 5.8% per month.
P.S. With each sale of our services and commissions from trade we invest a certain% in the purchase of our tokens.